Thursday, June 6, 2013

Are you PC??

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Prime Minister Julia Gillard
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 So, we have the federal election coming up. 

Who will you vote for? The same party you have been voting for since you were legally old enough, to be forced to vote? Or are you going switch up and vote for someone else? Or, do you simply do a donkey vote?

I take my voting pretty seriously. I like to know who I am voting for, party platforms, other options, pro's Vs Con's. All that kind of Jazz....

I am curious though....

Do you look into these things??

I have spoken to many people in the past and when asked the question "Who are going to vote for?" (Of course I tell them they are by no means under an obligation to tell me). Their response was "Ugh, I don't know, probably XXXX party".

Oh .... right.... that's going to help.

My theory is, we the people, choose who we want to run our country. They get to have a major say in a lot of our goings on in our own personal lives. From how much we pay tax, how much 'assistance' via Centrelink we are allowed to get. They even get to choose what our country will do in the situation of a crisis, or, god forbid, a war. 

Now, that is a ginormous responsibility.

People, I have found CAN be very apathetic towards voting, they don't see that their vote makes a difference, and they don't care who runs their country. But you see, it is us 'little people' who, when combined, have a very loud voice. 

I think many people forget there are more then 2 parties out there. More then Labour Vs Liberal.

There are smaller parties too. Ones you probably overlook. But have you actually stopped and look at parties platforms lately? There might be something new out there that tickles your fancy, and you agree with.

There are 99 days (as of today, 6/6/13) to get yourself enrolled to vote, make sure your address is up to date, and for you to scout the party platforms. I am no expert when it comes to politics, and quite frankly, the irritate me to no end. Watching politicians together is like watching a class full of students bullying each other and yelling at the teacher that "Billy' pushed my chair".  

Here is a link to the Australian Electoral Commission website, for just in case  ..... AEC

****Disclaimer: I am not encouraging you to vote for anyone, this is just a 'make your vote count' post, with my own opinions, and thoughts. You get to choose the outcome, and you are allowed to have your own voice. ****

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