Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A new beginning .... again!

So, as you know, we rent our house. One day we will buy or build our own. We have plans to anyay! But in the mean time, we are stuck paying off someone elses mortgage.

About a month ago, we received a letter from the real estate agents.

"Notice to Leave"

"Reason - Without grounds"

Without grounds?!!!!??

I rang the real estate agents, because as far as we knew, everything was fine. Rent paid, house clean and looked after, lawns and garden at the top of their game.

She said she doesn't know why, it is the owners request, and she is just the messenger.....
(I think it is because I asked them to fix the dishwasher as the handle broke, and when we open it, it almost cuts our hand! They never have fixed anything around here.)

So, again, it looks like we are moving. Right on the holidays too.

We have until the end of January. Fantastic! *insert eye roll*

So, on top of Christmas, Mr 6's birthday (December 31st he will be 7!!) and getting back to school in the new year, we have to save for bond, rent and moving costs. Not to mention the actual process of moving, which sucks.

I was very upset when we received this letter. We love it here. The house suits our needs, the children are safe and have friends in every house in the street. The neighbours are beautiful and we feel like family on the street. Everyone was sad when I broke the news.

Sadly we can't afford to continue living in this estate either. Houses are far too expensive, this was the cheapest rental around. I am so NOT paying around $800PW for a house that isn't even mine!!

So, the hunt is on again for another house. This time however, we aren't looking for something 'nice' that we can stay in for a long time. This time is a little more exciting. We are looking for something as cheap as possible, so we can save up more for a deposit on a house. For us. To build!!

We have had enough of the rental game. Had enough of living to fit the owners and real estate agents standards. If I want to paint a wall, I want to paint a wall. So, buying/building our own home is the only way to achieve that.

So the journey begins. Finally something for us. Something we can be in charge of. Something the kids can muck around in without us going off at them like crazy for making a mark on the wall! Somewhere, where we can LIVE!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's over, and I want to cry!!

{{WARNING: Do NOT read this around young children!!}}

So, Holly is 9 1/2. I had a feeling this would be her last Christmas where the magic of Santa would be a reality for her.
Where she would walk into the shops and tell Santa what she would like on Christmas morning to be waiting for her under the tree. 
Where I could bribe her with good behaviour otherwise Santa will put her on the naughty list.
Where I had to answer tricky questions about Santas house and elves. (Which were getting REALLY tricky!)


The secret has been outted to her. 

For the last 10 days (approx), she has been coming home upset. She said that all the kids in class keep yelling out "Santa's not real, it's your mum and dad!!" 


She already knew, she just needed the confirmation from us. 

I tried talking to the teacher, asking her what I should do. She said all but 2 children in the class, already knew the secret. She tried to reinforce the 'If you don't believe, you don't receive' saying. But, at this age, they saw through the vagueness. 

So, last night, hubby and I sat down and told her the truth.

It sucked.

It was HARD!

She cried. Not a 'you've been lying to me' cry. But a 'you just killed my Christmas spirit' cry.

It tore me in two. But deep down, she already knew. She said she knew, but just didn't want to believe it.

I thought, this year will be rotten for her, by the way she was acting, it was like we had gone and slaughtered The Jolly Man ourselves. However, a few hours, and an Ice Cream, later, she came good. She grabbed a catalogue and started circling toys and things that she thinks Santa should bring her and the boys. 

Now I have my very own, living, breathing elf! 

I am sad that the secret couldn't hold out for just one more Christmas, but, I know I can trust her to keep it a secret around the boys, and I know I now have one less child who will be asking me impossible questions. 

It is moments like this that I realise my children are growing up. I know she is only the first of my kids to find this information out, but it wont be long before they all become suss. So I am going to make sure I enjoy this time with them even more. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cleaning Catch up - Number 1

Ok, so like I said, I am going to start posting about how I clean my house, when what and why etc.

This first post is very simple.

Start small!

My house was a sty yesterday. Im not kidding, a full on pig sty.  Picture a bomb going off, then times it by 1000.

So, first thing is first. Attempting to get your mojo back so you can actually begin to be bothered, and find a reason why we should bother cleaning in the first place. As parents know, kids are little tornados. Sometimes it feels like we spend all day cleaning, only to have it look like it did before the mass clean, at 6pm that night. Frustrating right? Right!

So, start small. I started on the least messy room, but one of the most used. The lounge room. There was bits of rubbish on the floor from doing some craft and drawing while they were waiting for me to make dinner. The floor needed a good vacuum, and some general tidying of the bits and pieces around the room. I knew this would take all of maybe 5 minutes. So I started there. After I had finished, I could see the result, and it kick started my mojo for doing it.

Because it looks good!

Then I made my way to the kitchen. I am lucky enough to have my dad staying with us at the moment, and he likes to help out, so he does the dishes for me while I am taking the kids to school. So I came back, put them away, and wiped over the benches, oven, dishwasher and fridge.

After seeing how clean and tidy these rooms were. It got me spurred on enough to keep going.

The way I see it is, get the lived in areas done first, as you don't want to be trying to relax at night when the kids are in bed, with toys under you and things circling your mind. We all do it.

Don't worry about the kids rooms, as they are often the most untidy, and there is a door there for a reason. You close it, and voila, it's out of sight until you are happy with other things, and you feel ready to tackle it.

In saying that, I make sure my kids get up every morning about 15 minutes earlier then we have to, they make their beds, and take out any dirty clothes they have laying around, and do a general tidy. If I make sure they do this every morning, then they generally don't get too badly messy. I have been slack of late however, and they are a bit untidy. But little by little, they are cleaning them up themselves, without me having to nag them, without it taking up their time, and with a little praise, they feel the sense of achievement, and pride of their belongings, and their 'living space'.

Today, I am tackling the tiled floors, toilets, and bathrooms. If I make sure I just get these things done today, I will be happy.

Remember to keep it small. You don't have to do everything in one day.

However, in saying that, I add these 'extra chores' to my daily routine. My biggest tip, is once you have gotten a room nice, tidy and clean, keep it that way. By spending a few minutes each day on little things, they don't turn into big things.

Well, those toilets aren't going to clean themselves, so I am off. Happy cleaning.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Getting my Mum-mojo back

So, recently, I have lost my 'mum-mojo'. I have kind of given up a bit on my house, and being all I can be. I don't know why. Call it frustration from the monotony of it all.

Friday, October 25, 2013

I'm doing it....!!

'Look Mum, I'm doing it!!" That is what most mums hear when their child achieves something awesome, like first time on a bike without training wheels, or swimming in the pool. It's something a child says when they are proud of themselves for all their hard work. Who can blame them! It is exciting reaching milestones. 

But, this post isn't about any of my children doing anything....

This is about me.

 I'm doing it!

The last 6 weeks have been incredibly busy for me. But I added some 'me time' into the mix, which upped the amount of busy-ness I had, but it was worth it for my own benefits. 

For years I have been really pissed off with myself about my weight. Like, REALLY angry. Yet, I would still shovel bad food into my mouth, and put off exercise until I felt like it. I don't know why I did this. Im sure there is some sort of psychological explanation for it, like I perhaps didn't feel worthy or what not. But, this wasn't the case.

I was just lazy. Plain old lazy.

One afternoon, around 6 weeks ago, I spent a few hours making a really lovely dinner for my family. I was so proud of myself for going to such lengths to try to incorporate everything they liked, and omit anything they didn't like. It isn't easy trying to please 7 people at once! Especially when 4 of them are children! The 7th, in case you were wondering, is my Dad who is staying with us at the moment. 
So, anyway, we all sat down to this beautiful meal I had made, and hubby and my Dad were so please with this 'glorious' meal. Then I looked at the kids.... 3 of them pushed it to the side, said they didn't like it, and asked for toast instead.........

I lost it.

I stood up, left my dinner on the table, went into my room, got into my Gym clothes, and told Hubby I'd be back later, and walked out. 

I was so angry that the kids didn't like the meal, that I know had everything they liked IN the meal. So, I went to the gym, turned the iPod up really loud, and jumped on the treadmill. 

That is how it started. I got addicted to the calm that the gym brought to me. Almost everyday I have been going back for my daily hit of calmness at the little gym down the road. If I can't make it to the gym, I jump on the exercise bike at home, and pedal it out for an hour. 

This morning, I reached my first weight loss mini goal.  I have officially lost 6.5kg! My pants are falling off me, and my tops are 'flowy' now, since my belly has decreased in size! Last week, I hit my first running milestone of 1 km straight. It doesn't sound like much. But I couldn't do it 6 weeks ago to save my life!

Things are coming along so well. I am slightly fitter, much healthier, and slimming down. Plus I am more calm, less tired, and a happier version of me. 

For the first time in my life ...... I'm doing it!!

And I am proud. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

School Station Revised - All Aboard!!

A while ago I did a post about my 'school station' , it was working well, but we needed that big shelf set for all the books we have. So, hubby grudgingly cleared some room in the Garage for me. This is what we have come up with. We had these little shelves floating around basically being unused. So, we tipped it on it's side.

 The bottom cubes are for homework and library bags. 

The top cubes are for school shoes, and school bags are placed on top. 

The red box on top is the library books that need to be returned to the library. (Note to self, return library books!).

The purple box on the right, is for school hats. Next to that is a basket with umbrellas in it for rainy days.

On the wall above, we have a barometer, so the kids can learn to read the temperature for the day, and know if they need jumpers or what not.

Then there is a big notice board. The pin board is where we display all their certificates and things they are proud of. They get rotated often. The white board has 3 columns, Holly, Jack and Xavier, and each column has room for each day of the week going downwards. So we can jot down music day, library day, Japanese day, sports, etc etc. Nothing gets missed that way. Finally, there is a separate notice board. That is my notice board for things I need to remember. At the moment, I have their school photo slips ready for them to take in at the end of the week on photo day.

So there you have it. This is working much better for us, by unloading everything before they come inside, there is less clutter around the house (in theory). Also, they take their shoes off before going inside, so they don't drag the dirt and sand inside. Im thinking about adding another little box for dirty socks too and they are often covered in dirt and grass. And another box with clean white socks to pop on before school. All in the one place equals easy access and nothing lost in the last minute dash out of the house..... well, once again, in theory.

How do you organise your kids school things? Do you have school station or access point?


Weekly Meal Plan 2/9/13 - 8/9/13

Monday - Chicken Carbonara Pasta

Tuesday - Sausage Casserole with Mash potato and vegies

Wednesday - Chicken Soy Stir-Fry with rice

Thursday - Lasagne and salad

Friday - Mexican night - Tacos, burritos and Nachos ( a little bit of everything because as if all 6 of us would like the same thing!)

Saturday - Fend for yourself night!

Sunday - Cottage Pie

            Banana and Oat bread (recipe to come soon)
            Some sort of muffins (thinking blueberry?)

What do you have planned for dinner? Feel free to add your meal plan in the comments.


Monday, August 12, 2013

"I'm on top of the world"

Image Credit

Have you seen the movie The Incredible Burt Wonderstone?

I love that movie. I'm a huge fan of Jim Carey though. Oh and Steve Carrell. Laughter is fantastic for the soul. Right now, the song from the movie 'On top of the world' is summing me up so completely. It is amazing!

Anyway, as you all know, my hubby has been rather unwell with his mental health. He is making a fantastic recovery after being told he does not have Bi-Polar and just has depression. The medications were conflicting with each other, and dragging him down. But he is on the mend, and we have all noticed a massive turn around already.

However, the last month has been draining for me as well. Don't get me wrong. I know for a fact it has been much harder on him, and I am by no means trying to get sympathy for 'everything I have had to do'. Because, at the end of the day, I am his partner, and it is what partners do for each other.

Last Saturday, we got a new mattress delivered for our bed. Honestly, our old one, wow, it was rubbish. It had holes with springs poking through. No wonder we didn't get a very good sleep. Since sleeping on our new mattress, I have noticed a HUUUUUGE turn around in myself. Clearly, I was lacking some serious good sleep.

I was able to jump out of bed this morning. Yes, I literally mean jump! I swung my feet over the bed around 20 seconds after opening my eyes and bounced off the bed. I can't believe it! I haven't been this perky in... well, I don't remember! I am happy. Truly honestly happy. I can see the sunshine, I can hear the birds, and I can feel the sparkle in my eyes when I have an honest smile. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true. I feel like 'I'm on top of the world".  I feel like I can take on anything. I am finally feeling like myself again.

I hope everyone has a truly magical day!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm not Superwoman (Although it would be nice)

So, the last few days have been somewhat of an emotional roller coaster.

Monday the 15th was the 1 year anniversary of the passing of my dear mother. I spent the day sitting and thinking about her, the good times, but it was very hard to not think of the vivid images of watching her pass away, and having to go through all by myself. It was horrible. But I know she is no longer in pain, I got through the day, and will again every year. I know that. It's the way she raised me after all!!

Then Tuesday, things fell apart. Hubby came to me very early in the morning with a massive low. The deepest depression I have seen him with. He was terrified, and frankly, so was I. I was on the phone most of the day with a Crisis Assessment Team, and helping him just get through the day. I had made a Dr appointment for him but couldn't get in until this morning. So, it was a matter of just surviving yesterday.

Today, we had a routine house inspection, just so happened to be at the same time we had to be at the Dr's. So I had to make sure the house was ready before we left for school. So a lot of the night I was cleaning. Then this morning getting the final details done, like beds made etc.

He did the Dr thing, Hubby had his medications upped. So we went to the Pharmacy to get more, then to the bank to deposit a check. By time we got home I had enough time to put on some dinner and sit for 5 minutes before I was back out for school pick up.
I bumped into my friend who made me an appointment with a psychologist for tomorrow morning. She was concerned about me, which I found overwhelmingly beautiful, but I rang and changed the appointment for Hubby instead of myself. He needs to talk to someone ASAP. So, tomorrow we are off there.

However, I am done tonight, I don't know what to do right now. I have been a shoulder for Hubby, I have mourned my mother again, and I have scrubbed the crap out of my house. All within a span of a few days. I'm spent .... Exhausted .... Falling asleep typing.

I can't be that shoulder, that mourner, that cleaning lady/slave right now. I need a rest. So, tonight, I quit. I am going to leave everything, throw the kids in bed, and sit. I'm going to switch off and be completely and totally selfish. And you know what .... I don't care.

Monday, July 1, 2013

A realisation

Last Friday, Hubby had to go away for work. We didn't find out until 8 pm the night before, and had to be up at 5 am, with the kids, to go to the airport to drop him off. He had been away for a few days before this, and had just gotten home about an hour earlier from that trip, before finding out he was off again. 

The kids were gutted he was off again. But, it is life, you have to work to earn a living and pay for the roof over your head, the food in your belly, and all the other bills associated with living in general, right? Right. 

I explained that to the kids and they understood as much as they could for their little ages. They didn't like it, but understood he absolutely HAD to go. 

So we took him to the airport, dropped him off, and then drove home.

It began before I even left the car park. The screaming, the bullying each other, the hitting! Ugh! Come on, it's too early for this guys! Seriously!

We got home, and started our day, only to have more screaming, hitting, taunting and nagging.

---- Insert sigh here ----

This continued ALL day! By lunchtime, they broke me. I cracked, and I became submissive to their wants. I just didn't care anymore. Anything to keep them quiet and to give my poor ears a break!

Pancakes for lunch covered in chocolate? OK!

Tim tams for afternoon tea? OK!

Me: What do you want for dinner kids? 
Them: ----Maccas!
Me: OK! Lets go get in the car and get it then
Them: ---- I don't want to get in the car....
Me: Well how do i go get it then?
Them: ---- I don't know, can't we stay here?
Me: No, it's not safe for young children to be home alone
Them: ---- Crying, and screaming.....
Me: OK, how about if you come, I'll get you an ice cream too??
Them: ---- YAAAAY!

Hold on.... what the heck happened there?!?!?!

Situations like this have been popping up more and more frequently lately. It has been driving me nuts, then at night I stay up thinking about how much of a horrible mother I am for giving in like that, and what horrible junk they are putting into their mouths. Which, is only fuel for the fire with additives etc. 

Hubby came home Saturday night. Poor Mr 5 was very ill, but we still had to head out at 7.30 pm, to be at the airport by 9 pm to pick him up. He was burning up despite the panadol, and was very tired and cranky, understandably. So I was cuddling him on my lap while waiting for hubby to get to the car. The others however, jumping around, kicking the inside of the car, screaming, and wouldn't settle down for anything. As soon as I saw hubby walking over, they were quiet, and sat patiently for him to arrive...... Frustration overload.

Later that night when we got home, put the kids in bed, and were in bed ourselves. I started crying. I spilled my guts to hubby, and he made me realise that I was being bullied by my own children. 

WOW! That realisation sucked!

I don't know how this happened. I understand that they really miss having Daddy around. I understand they hate being couped up all day because it has been raining a lot. I have tried ALL the rainy day activities I can think off. I have googled, I have pintrest-ed, I have done everything I can think of. But there is nothing quite as good as running off steam in the yard. 

I am not sharing this story as a pity party for myself. I know I dropped the ball this time. I just wanted to share with you all, in case anyone else has, or is, in a similar situation.

I don't know how to fix it. I don't claim to have answers. But sometimes just putting it out there, can lift it off your shoulders. Even if only for a little while. 

I am sure in time, they will settle, the rain will stop, and I will get my sanity back. In the meantime .... is it wine 'o' clock yet? 


Monday, June 17, 2013

Music for the soul

Music has a profound influence on me. It does on hubby too. It is amazing how music can change your mood. Make you happy, make you sad, make you think, make you energized, maybe even make you flirty! I have a playlist on my iPod that I use when I am doing the housework to keep me motivated. So I thought I would put my top 10 housework songs here.

Do you have a playlist for housework or anything else? Exercise playlist maybe? What songs do you have?


10 - ZZ Top - La Grange

9 - Kaiser Cheiefs - Ruby

8 - Bon Jovi - You give love a bad name (one of my mums favourites too!)

7 - Beyonce - Sweet Dreams

6 - Boy & Bear - Cover of Fall at your feet (originally by Crowded House)

5 - The Kinks - You really got me 

4 - Oasis - Some might say

3 - Peal Jam - Even flow

2 - Rolling Stones - Paint it black 

1 - Fleetwood Mac - Go your own way (this is my favourite song of all time)

Some of my other songs are ....

- Modest Mouse - Float On
- Jimi Hendrix - Foxy Lady
- Iggy Pop - Never met a girl like you before
- Social Distortion - Story of my life
- Anything by Bruno Mars
- Patti Smith - Land of a thousand horses
- Seal - Kiss from a rose
- Cranberries - Linger
- White Stripes - Cover of 'Joleen'
- Anything by The Sex Pistols
- Living Colour - Cult of Personality
- Anything by Adele
- Divinyls - pleasure and Pain
- David Bowie - Fame
- R.E.M - Man on the moon
- The White Stripes - Blue Orchid
- Elton John - Benny and the jets

The kids favourite song on y playlist is an unusual one. They love it because it is so crazy!

- Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour moi!

As you can see I have a wide range of musical likes. I like everything from the corny Cher, all the way to the hardcore Rammstien. 

So, I could go on forever with music I love. But I think I will leave it at that. What is you favourite song?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Are you PC??

Image Credit

Prime Minister Julia Gillard
Image Credit

 So, we have the federal election coming up. 

Who will you vote for? The same party you have been voting for since you were legally old enough, to be forced to vote? Or are you going switch up and vote for someone else? Or, do you simply do a donkey vote?

I take my voting pretty seriously. I like to know who I am voting for, party platforms, other options, pro's Vs Con's. All that kind of Jazz....

I am curious though....

Do you look into these things??

I have spoken to many people in the past and when asked the question "Who are going to vote for?" (Of course I tell them they are by no means under an obligation to tell me). Their response was "Ugh, I don't know, probably XXXX party".

Oh .... right.... that's going to help.

My theory is, we the people, choose who we want to run our country. They get to have a major say in a lot of our goings on in our own personal lives. From how much we pay tax, how much 'assistance' via Centrelink we are allowed to get. They even get to choose what our country will do in the situation of a crisis, or, god forbid, a war. 

Now, that is a ginormous responsibility.

People, I have found CAN be very apathetic towards voting, they don't see that their vote makes a difference, and they don't care who runs their country. But you see, it is us 'little people' who, when combined, have a very loud voice. 

I think many people forget there are more then 2 parties out there. More then Labour Vs Liberal.

There are smaller parties too. Ones you probably overlook. But have you actually stopped and look at parties platforms lately? There might be something new out there that tickles your fancy, and you agree with.

There are 99 days (as of today, 6/6/13) to get yourself enrolled to vote, make sure your address is up to date, and for you to scout the party platforms. I am no expert when it comes to politics, and quite frankly, the irritate me to no end. Watching politicians together is like watching a class full of students bullying each other and yelling at the teacher that "Billy' pushed my chair".  

Here is a link to the Australian Electoral Commission website, for just in case  ..... AEC

****Disclaimer: I am not encouraging you to vote for anyone, this is just a 'make your vote count' post, with my own opinions, and thoughts. You get to choose the outcome, and you are allowed to have your own voice. ****

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blog Every Day In May - Day 6: 'What do I do?'

If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question, 'what do you do'?
It is a good question.

I have many jobs....

- Doctor/Nurse
- Referee
- Chef
- Accountant
- Taxi driver
- Laundromat operator
- A 'Mrs Fix-It' (it usually involves tape)
- Personal shopper
- Personal Assistant
- Cleaner
- Teacher
- Landscaper
- Hair stylist
- Nutritionist
- Personal trainer
- Negotiator
- List maker!

Soooooo, if I couldn't use any of those, then I would have to say, I do nothing...... but then again, I think I deserve that! As we all do!

Blog Every Day In May - Day 5: Professing my LOVE!

Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends. What makes them great? Why do you love them? If you don't have blogger friends, talk about a real-life friend or even a family member.

This is todays topic.

So today, I would like to shout to the rooftops. Climb every mountain, swim every shore, to publically announce that I love ........ {drum roll please}.......

Too many bloggers equally!! I can't just choose one!! So I thought I would just make a list for you to peruse at your own pace .....

Seven Cherubs

No Excuses! Easy Organising For Large Families

The Simple Mummy

Let The Wildflowers Grow

The Aussie Hausfrau

I could go on, and on, and on, and on, and on..... But these are the ones I stalk visit often! Like daily! So, I love you all! I think everyone who blogs is amazing, and they all inspire me.

Blog Everyday In May: Day 4: Favourite Quote!

Todays topic (even though it was technically a few days ago) is....

Favourite quote (from a person, from a book, etc.) and why you love it

Friday, May 3, 2013

Blog everyday in May: day 3- Things that make you uncomfortable.

So, I was asking hubby what he thought made me uncomfortable.......

He rattled off an enormous list. I personally think he may have exaggerated just a liiiittle bit!

Things like public speaking, confrontation, snakes, spiders, and the smell of farts, they all came in on the list.

But at the top of my list, is the one and only thing that makes my skin crawl with unease.

FEET!!!!!!! Ewwwwww!!!

I don't mind my own feet. But other people's bare feet. Nope. I can't do it. I can not go near them!

It is only bare feet mind you. Socks I can deal with.

Often hubby lays on the couch with his feet up. After more then 7 years, he has grown to know he can not, absolutely can NOT put his feet up on the couch ANYWHERE near me! Even laying in bed sometimes, he might accidentally shuffle his feet over, and if those feet touch me, I just about scream and I instantly feel the need for a boiling hot shower.

I'm strange and I know, I wriggle my toes and I show it. Yeah!!

So there you go, I hate feet. My kids feet are ok, but now they are getting older they are starting to freak me out more.

I think it is the toe nails that freak me out the most. I don't know. Honestly, I don't care as it is an easy thing to avoid...... Unless I upset hubby, then I'm doomed as he only has to wriggle his toes in my direction, and it's over with, I'm screwed and he wins. Lol.

So yeah...... Feet.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blog Everyday In May - Day 2: Education is the key!

Today's challenge for Blog Everyday In May is: Educate us on something you know a lot about, or are good at.

Well, to be honest, I wanted to skip today. I have issues and don't think I am good at anything, or know enough about something to educate anybody on the subject. So, I have had to have a long hard think. This is what I come up with......

Feelings Aren't Facts!!

This is a mantra that my hubby has taught me over the years. He is a very intelligent man (even though he doesn't think so!!) and he reads a lot, researches a lot of random things, and self educates himself - and me - along the way.

This is one of the stand out sayings that he has spouted. There are many more, but this one I love.

I get emotional a lot, the whole range of emotions. I suppose you could called it '50 Shades of Emotions' {Pause for laughs here!}

He has over the years taught me, that just because we feel something, an emotion, or a put down in our head, it doesn't mean it is true.

I thought I would talk about this subject matter as I have a sneaking suspicion that there are a lot of other mums out there like me, who put themselves down in their head, or feel things that aren't always on the positive side.

So to all the mums who have thoughts that vear along the same lines as mine, rest assured. Just because you 'feel' that way, doesn't always mean it is the way. The sooner we all start to look at why we are feeling this way, the better. Because......

Feelings Aren't Facts!

They are just a feeling.

Chin up mamma's, get the facts of your emotions, and then you can start to learn about what causes them, why they are happening, and ultimately, how deal with them better.

I would also like to say a HUGE thank you to my hubby, who has sat with me countless times over the last 7 1/2 years, through the tears, the depressive thoughts, and all the negatives, and have told me simply, Feelings Aren't Facts. He has taught me how to listen to my feelings, and work through them.

{Disclaimer:} I am not always 'in tune' with my feeling and can throw a massive bitch fest and go off the rails too. Sometimes 'Feelings Aren't Facts' gets thrown out the window in pieces and fed to the birds. We are all human after all. :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Linking up! 250 words - story about my life..... Day 1

OK so i have stumbled across a blogging challenge, and have decided to roll with it. I will be (attempting) to blog everyday, for the month of May. So, here it goes.

Day 1: The story of your life, in 250 words or less.

(Please don't count!! lol)

Born in Essendon in Melbourne. Moved to central Victoria when I was 5 with the whole family. Mum, dad, my brother who is 8 years older then me and myself moved to a very small town called St.Arnaud when I was about 7. Moved back to Central Victoria when I was 12 and stayed put.

My parents separated when I was 14, I had a baby at 16 and separated from her father. Fell in love with my soul mate/best friend/most annoying person at times. Had babies with him at 18, 20 and 22. Engaged, waiting for funds to be a Mrs! 

Mum passed away last year (2012) and I miss her like crazy. Making changes and moving up and on with my life, focusing more on myself.

I like wine and cheese ...... preferably together! :D

While you're here, why not check out this blog....... :)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Turn Styles and windy roads.

So I am sitting on the couch. It is 10.30pm. The TV is on, but I don't know what is actually ON TV. Kids are asleep and hubby is too. It is just me.

I am sitting here and this, right now, is my time to 'chill out', relax, I have the whole house to myself.

But I can't. I can't relax, or chill out.

Instead of doing something I enjoy, or just sitting and watching something I like on TV for once. I am sitting here thinking....

"hmmm I should be cleaning the coffee table, it's filthy"

"Oh I could be unstacking the dishwasher right now"

"I should put a load of washing in the machine to hang up in the morning"


"I should make the kids lunches tonight to save time in the morning"

"I should make a list of things I need to do/ want to do tomorrow"

What the hell....

I finally get some time to myself, and these are the thoughts that run through my head?? I don't even know what I want to watch on TV. Because I never really get a say in whats on, I don't know what I like anymore. I could be working on a 'hobby', but, alas, I don't have one! I can't even decide on what I would like to have as a hobby.

I think, something like photography would be really cool. But somehow, somewhere in my brain, there is something that is telling me there is no point, I wouldn't be any good at it anyway.

I don't know why I think like this. But I know it needs to change, and stat!! I can't go on doing what I do everyday, day in, day out. I don't even allow myself a Sunday off. I don't just sit. Like, ever!!

I feel like my mind is going a mile a minute. I don't stop. Everyday, I get up, make food, clean house, do the kids things, school, homework, back to cooking for dinner. Then baths and bed. It feels like a never ending circle that I just can't stop from spinning.

I know I need to snap out of this destructive cycle. I shouldn't be worrying about the housework so much. I shouldn't care if the coffee table is a bit dirty. And really, it only takes me 5 minutes to whip the kids lunches up in the morning. So I need to stop stressing about these mundane things. I need to start enjoying life a bit more.

So, that's what I am going to do. I am going to spend the day tomorrow organising the house, and getting it back into order. Then, I am going to start enjoying my own life a lot more. I am going to go out more, I am going to find a hobby, and not destroy my own excitement by putting myself down in my head.

I hope I can change this turn-style life into a windy road along the shore line. Something scenic. Something with many metaphorical pit stops along the way. I know there will be speed bumps. They are inevitable. But, if I slow my pace until I am over the bump, then I can keep on moving.

I'm not sure how this went along the path of metaphorical driving and such. But it is obviously the way my mind works.

My children are getting older. Yes, I still have small children, but day by day, they grow more and more independent. They don't need me as much anymore, so it really is time for me to start  to pick up the pieces of my own life. Start to find out who Tiffany is again, not just who 'mum' is.

I will keep writing about my journey with this, as it helps me to clear my mind. It helps me to get it all out in my own time, in my own words, and in my own space.

Monday, April 29, 2013

5 Random Thing About Moi!

This morning, I was tagged on Instagram to share 5 Random things abut myself.
I got thinking, and thought it might be nice to share them on here too, but with a little more depth into I, as I can't fit much on Instagram.

So, my 5 point are......

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why the Change?

If you follow me on Facebook then you would know, hubby and I had a massive talk, and made the big decision to change the kids schools.  This was a major choice for us, and the children, since they had only just had to move from one school in VIC to the one here in QLD last September.

I felt bad about making them move after only just getting acquainted with the new school. But there were, in our opinion, very legitimate reasons. This is a huge decision that required a lot of thought, and a lot of talking with the kids about their feelings and opinions.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The most embarrassing thing EVER!!


Like seriously, OH MY GOD! The most embarrassing thing EVER just happened to me and hubs....

So let me set the scene....

Hubby and I thought "hmm the kids are in bed, lets have a shower, like, together!" OOOH how sexual right! Anyway, we come out of the bathroom and are on the *ahem!* bed, bedroom door is shut and lock also so you know, JUST IN CASE a child wakes up right...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A weight has been lifted....

The Love Of My Life!
Last night, from about 4.30pm, I had a massive splitting head ache. I don't know what brought it on. I don't get headaches often, and when I do they are usually tolerable, and some panadol gets rid of them pretty quickly. So when panadol didn't work, and I was making dinner, hubby came home and saw how much my head was hurting and gave me a hand. As we were eating dinner, I said to him " I can't do 'kid stuff' tonight honey, can I be 'off-duty?" He of course was happy to let me chill out, and he cleared the table, did the dishes, and did all the 'kids stuff'. When he came back into the lounge after putting them all to bed, he brought with him a cup of tea and some chocolate biscuits. Just for me! Gosh I love this man! So I layed down on the couch with my cuppa, and he even surrendered the remote!! So I was mindlessly flicking the channels, but decided there was nothing on, so I gave it to him and he watched some boring doco thing on something that is of no interest to me. I ended up falling asleep on the couch at 8pm......

Friday, February 22, 2013

My little Xavier....

My little Xavier, he is struggling with his first year at school. If you follow me on Facebook then you will know he has been going through Separation Anxiety when I drop him off. He screams hits scratches and tries to run from the classroom when I leave. It has been hard, but he is slowly getting better. I take him in early so he and the teacher can play on a special iPad they found for him to use until the bell rings for the other children to go into class, so he can settle without the other kids around. He has been doing really well.

However, it seems to go from one issue to another. Now he is settling in the mornings easily enough, he has been acting out at lunchtime in the playground. I was mortified when I got a phone call yesterday afternoon asking me to come pick him up from school, as he had clawed at another boys face, and drew blood, and he bit another little boys arm. I was shocked and my eyes almost popped out of my head as this is SO out of character for him. This is the 3rd time he has done this at school.  He is a pleasant boy with a heart of gold. He very rarely hurts people and if he does it is usually only his big brother, but even then it is only in a brotherly way. They don't do 'punch on's' or anything. Just sibling scraps.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Living with a secret

Well, it is time to come out of hiding. People seem to see me and think I have it all together. I have 4 gorgeous children, a fiance that loves me and I love him. But, things are not always as they seem, and this past week it has hit me hard. Like, really hard!!

My husband to be has Bi-Polar. And it is hard.

REVIEW: Squeeze 'ems (Not sponsored!)

If you follow me on Facebook then you will know I have recently purchased some Squeeze 'ems through Lime Tree Kids. I picked them up from the post office yesterday and had a little play with my new toys (isn't it amazing what we consider fun and new toys when we become parents?).

Friday, January 18, 2013

My 2 cents - or 2 boobs rather?

Yup - I am following suit with all the other 'Mummy Bloggers' out there with this whole saga centering around David Koch.

I couldn't just sit back and not put my 2 boobs cents in. I am SO sick of this debate being raised what seems to be every 6 months or there abouts.

Woman have the RIGHT to breastfeed WHERE/WHEN they wish/need to.  
I don't understand how this is even a debate. I see more bums hanging out the bottom of underwear shorts these days then I would see of a mother feeding her child.
The thing is, (and here is the controversial part) it seems to be that it is primarily the male species to have an issue with this. Stop thinking with your little head! Use your head on your SHOULDERS!
I see celebrities, sports stars and other people in the media, whether it be social media or TV or just general Ad's that are showing off much more then mothers.
Just another point, since I am on my soapbox, why is this an issue? Why is there no coverage of the atrocities that are happening in Syria right this minute? Why is THIS an outrage and causes such an uproar when there are innocent children dying for absolutely no reason somewhere else? Or the homeless all over the world with nowhere to sleep tonight, and no meal waiting them. Or maybe the hoards of innocent people that are abused in some way or another on a daily basis? Are these not the important things we should be in an uproar and outraged about?
So in MY personal opinions conclusion. Get OFF your soapbox Kochie, no one wants to hear it any longer......
Sincerely, someone who tried to breastfeed, but was unable to due to personal reasons, and sincerely regrets not being able to. It is such a gift!