Tuesday, February 5, 2013

REVIEW: Squeeze 'ems (Not sponsored!)

If you follow me on Facebook then you will know I have recently purchased some Squeeze 'ems through Lime Tree Kids. I picked them up from the post office yesterday and had a little play with my new toys (isn't it amazing what we consider fun and new toys when we become parents?).

What they are: Basically, they are re-fillable, re-usable, BPA, Phthalate and PVC free, squeezey tubes. Similar to the ones you find at the supermarket filled with yogurt and almost $2 each! However, the supermarket ones are not re-usable!

These are the smaller 80ml versions, they also have 200ml versions which I think I will be getting as well!

Why I got them: I purchased these products as I had given up on the kids taking little tubs of yogurt to school, and NEVER returning with the spoons! I tried buying plastic disposable ones, but 1) I didn't like buying them all the time, and 2) I didn't like how wasteful it was, to me or the enviroment!
I have been buying the little squeezey yogurts for my kids ever since. I have 3 kids at school this year, and have found myself going out and about a lot more with my one little man still at home. So I was buying - get this - 20!! of these squeezey yogurts for the kids A WEEK! It was WAAAY to costly for me to keep up with, so I decided to give these a go.

This would of cost $10!!

My thoughts: So far, I like them! They are affordable as an initial outlay, and a tub of yogurt is a lot cheaper then the small amounts in prepackaged tubes. I found them a little tricky to fill, but once I got the hang of it, it was easy peasey! I would give them a **** 4 star rating out of 5! It is only lacking one star because when I pulled them out of the dishwasher this morning, I had to leave them in the drainer to drip dry, but that's really not a huge issue.

How to fill them easily: I looked at the tiny opening of the squeezey tubes, and pondered how I was going to go about filling them. There was no WAY a spoon was going to fit in them, so I put my thinking cap on, and got out my piping bag! That did the trick! A small nozzle on the end, fill it up, and squirt away. Just make sure you have all the tubes already opened so you don't have to keep putting the pipping bag down. This is not something I would recommend doing every morning before school, grab as many as you will need for a week, and fill them all in one go! I will need to order more!

What the kids think: They love them! They don't give a toss that they aren't 'branded' with Ben Ten or Lightning McQueen. They care about the fact they can now have an assortment of favours besides the ones that are pre-packaged. Finally "I can have Mango flavour Mum!!". Yes darling, you can!!

One thing I will say about this though, is that we DID put mango yogurt in, and the little chunky bits of mango got lodged in the tube spout thingy, but after informing the kids they could squeeeeeeeze hard, or give a giant suck on the mouth piece, they were happy, and the squishy chunky fruit, slipped right though! And gave the kids a chuckle when it came zooming into their mouth.

To fill 10 80ml tubes only used about 3/4 of a 1kg tub.

As I mentioned above, I ordered mine though Lime Tree Kids, however I have found that you can order them direct from the company much cheaper. So if you do decide to go ahead and get these little bad boys, then may I suggest you visit the Squeeze 'Ems website and order though them. However Lime Tree Kids were great, and I got my order right away.

You could also fill these with other things like smoothies, or if you have a baby on solid foods, this would be great for baby purees for when you are out and about, they are also microwave proof!!

As you can see in this picture, the pipping nozzle I was originally using was too big, but I swapped for a smaller one with a lot of success.

I hope this helps others thinking about purchasing these. If you have any more questions about them, please feel free to leave a comment below.

XX Tiff.


  1. Thank you for this post! I have the same problem with the yogurt tubs at school, plus, the first time Miss 5 drops her bag the darn things explode all through her lunch box. Lovely!

    I started buying squeezies also, and found them at Aldi for .90c for a small (not sure how big!) and $1.20 for a large one. I've been forking out for those ever since and although cheaper than $2 each, they are still costing a packet!

    I can't wait to try these! Thank you, Thank you! Thank you! :)

  2. I originally got my squeezems about 8 months ago to be able to make a big batch of baby puree and freeze them. My older children liked the concept of them so much, that I then started filling my squeezems with yoghurt and custard as like you, I found many things wrong with the individual tubs or squeeze tubes of yoghurt. In the hot months, I actually freeze the yoghurt squeezems and they defrost in the lunchbox just in time for lunch. I highly recommend them too :-)