Friday, January 18, 2013

My 2 cents - or 2 boobs rather?

Yup - I am following suit with all the other 'Mummy Bloggers' out there with this whole saga centering around David Koch.

I couldn't just sit back and not put my 2 boobs cents in. I am SO sick of this debate being raised what seems to be every 6 months or there abouts.

Woman have the RIGHT to breastfeed WHERE/WHEN they wish/need to.  
I don't understand how this is even a debate. I see more bums hanging out the bottom of underwear shorts these days then I would see of a mother feeding her child.
The thing is, (and here is the controversial part) it seems to be that it is primarily the male species to have an issue with this. Stop thinking with your little head! Use your head on your SHOULDERS!
I see celebrities, sports stars and other people in the media, whether it be social media or TV or just general Ad's that are showing off much more then mothers.
Just another point, since I am on my soapbox, why is this an issue? Why is there no coverage of the atrocities that are happening in Syria right this minute? Why is THIS an outrage and causes such an uproar when there are innocent children dying for absolutely no reason somewhere else? Or the homeless all over the world with nowhere to sleep tonight, and no meal waiting them. Or maybe the hoards of innocent people that are abused in some way or another on a daily basis? Are these not the important things we should be in an uproar and outraged about?
So in MY personal opinions conclusion. Get OFF your soapbox Kochie, no one wants to hear it any longer......
Sincerely, someone who tried to breastfeed, but was unable to due to personal reasons, and sincerely regrets not being able to. It is such a gift!

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