Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A new beginning .... again!

So, as you know, we rent our house. One day we will buy or build our own. We have plans to anyay! But in the mean time, we are stuck paying off someone elses mortgage.

About a month ago, we received a letter from the real estate agents.

"Notice to Leave"

"Reason - Without grounds"

Without grounds?!!!!??

I rang the real estate agents, because as far as we knew, everything was fine. Rent paid, house clean and looked after, lawns and garden at the top of their game.

She said she doesn't know why, it is the owners request, and she is just the messenger.....
(I think it is because I asked them to fix the dishwasher as the handle broke, and when we open it, it almost cuts our hand! They never have fixed anything around here.)

So, again, it looks like we are moving. Right on the holidays too.

We have until the end of January. Fantastic! *insert eye roll*

So, on top of Christmas, Mr 6's birthday (December 31st he will be 7!!) and getting back to school in the new year, we have to save for bond, rent and moving costs. Not to mention the actual process of moving, which sucks.

I was very upset when we received this letter. We love it here. The house suits our needs, the children are safe and have friends in every house in the street. The neighbours are beautiful and we feel like family on the street. Everyone was sad when I broke the news.

Sadly we can't afford to continue living in this estate either. Houses are far too expensive, this was the cheapest rental around. I am so NOT paying around $800PW for a house that isn't even mine!!

So, the hunt is on again for another house. This time however, we aren't looking for something 'nice' that we can stay in for a long time. This time is a little more exciting. We are looking for something as cheap as possible, so we can save up more for a deposit on a house. For us. To build!!

We have had enough of the rental game. Had enough of living to fit the owners and real estate agents standards. If I want to paint a wall, I want to paint a wall. So, buying/building our own home is the only way to achieve that.

So the journey begins. Finally something for us. Something we can be in charge of. Something the kids can muck around in without us going off at them like crazy for making a mark on the wall! Somewhere, where we can LIVE!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's over, and I want to cry!!

{{WARNING: Do NOT read this around young children!!}}

So, Holly is 9 1/2. I had a feeling this would be her last Christmas where the magic of Santa would be a reality for her.
Where she would walk into the shops and tell Santa what she would like on Christmas morning to be waiting for her under the tree. 
Where I could bribe her with good behaviour otherwise Santa will put her on the naughty list.
Where I had to answer tricky questions about Santas house and elves. (Which were getting REALLY tricky!)


The secret has been outted to her. 

For the last 10 days (approx), she has been coming home upset. She said that all the kids in class keep yelling out "Santa's not real, it's your mum and dad!!" 


She already knew, she just needed the confirmation from us. 

I tried talking to the teacher, asking her what I should do. She said all but 2 children in the class, already knew the secret. She tried to reinforce the 'If you don't believe, you don't receive' saying. But, at this age, they saw through the vagueness. 

So, last night, hubby and I sat down and told her the truth.

It sucked.

It was HARD!

She cried. Not a 'you've been lying to me' cry. But a 'you just killed my Christmas spirit' cry.

It tore me in two. But deep down, she already knew. She said she knew, but just didn't want to believe it.

I thought, this year will be rotten for her, by the way she was acting, it was like we had gone and slaughtered The Jolly Man ourselves. However, a few hours, and an Ice Cream, later, she came good. She grabbed a catalogue and started circling toys and things that she thinks Santa should bring her and the boys. 

Now I have my very own, living, breathing elf! 

I am sad that the secret couldn't hold out for just one more Christmas, but, I know I can trust her to keep it a secret around the boys, and I know I now have one less child who will be asking me impossible questions. 

It is moments like this that I realise my children are growing up. I know she is only the first of my kids to find this information out, but it wont be long before they all become suss. So I am going to make sure I enjoy this time with them even more.