The Four

My family consists of 6 people. Myself, my fiance Chris, and our 4 children. Here I will tell you a little about the four little people that reside here.

Firstly there is Holly. 

 Holly is 8 in May. She is, and has always been, our little princess. She likes anything pink and sparkly. She does very well at school, uses her manners, does dancing and is just gorgeous! She was born 8lb, after a 13 hour labour. However Holly and I are very close, as I was only 16 when I had her. I know, I was very young, and I tell you now, it was not planned. She has a different father to my boys, but she calls my fiance, Dad as he has been with us since she was 1. He loves her as his own and they make a very funny pair.

So my second born is Jakob.

When I was pregnant we had another name for him (Jackson), so we started calling him Jack. This is why we spelt his name with a K rather then C, so he is still Jack.
He was born December 31! Can you believe it. Should of planned that better! He started school this year, and this has made my life, A LOT easier! You see Jack is my trouble maker. The one who is a smarty pants, the one that talks back, the one that makes a mess of his room because he got in trouble.
Now in saying all that, he has the BIGGEST heart of all my boys. He is always wanting to help and do 'big boy' jobs.
His labour was 9 hours, but he scared us as he came out with the cord around his neck. Twice! He was blue and had to spend the night in the baby care unit. This was ok by me as I knew it was just a precaution and I could get that night to sleep! He was 8lb.
Ever since he came home, we knew life would be busy from then on, he is just a little energizer bunny that never runs out of battery life! He just keeps going and going and going. I have no idea where he gets his energy from. Maybe it because he is also my eater. He eats A LOT. 6 Weet-bix or 5 pieces of toast for breakfast, needless to say, we do groceries a lot.
Anyway, that's Jack. :)

Third is Xavier.

Xavey will be 4 in April. He is my cutey. The one that randomly comes up and says "I love you mummy" and makes my heart melt. He was the baby for a while, we kind of resigned ourselves to the fact we were only going to have 3 children, so we made him the bub of the family. Then we got pregnant again and had a younger child, but somehow he still remains the baby in a lot of ways. Xavier was a text book birth. 6 hours, nothing wrong, out of the hospital the next day. He was 8lb 3 oz. 
He gets away with a lot more then the others and  he knows how to work me to get what he wants. In saying that, because he knows he can get away with things, he has become my tantrum thrower! Stomping the feet, squealing, and sometimes even biting! But he is just so super cute and mostly a well mannered little munchkin.

Finally, there is Liam. 

Liam is 16 months old. We were so hoping he would be a girl, but no he decided not to be. But that's OK, he is still super cute! Liam is very much a mummy's boy. A cuddly smoochie eating machine! Time will tell what Liam will be like, but from what I know about him now, he is going to be such a wonderful little boy. Liam came 7 days over my due date. The longest I have had to wait, and every day felt awful. I feel so sorry for people who go over 2 weeks. Its ridiculous. He was born 9lb,and I was out 14 hours after the birth. My babies seem to keep getting bigger! Look at that smile! He is like that all the time. Smiley little fella! :)

Then of course there wouldn't be children without Chris and I.
We started dating in November 2005. I couldn't imagine my life without Chris. He is my rock and my best friend. He never fails to make me laugh, even when he shouldn't. He is the king in my life, and I his queen. He is the best dad in the world, I can't ask for anything better then what I have with Chris xx :)


  1. Wow, Holly looks so much like you, the resemblance is uncanny!

  2. Thank you so much! I think they are pretty good too, but then again most families are beautiful! :) x

  3. wow, my kids seem very similar, dd is my angel, ds1 my ratbag, ds2 the cuddly one that gets away with more than the others and my baby girl who is little miss smiley! going to check out the rest of you blog :)


    1. Welcome Jen!
      Our kids do sound very similar. Hope you enjoy my little blog. Big changes are coming soon, so stay tuned :)

  4. Beautiful family :) What an awesome day to have a birthday on new years eve!! That's my birthday hehe :)