Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why the Change?

If you follow me on Facebook then you would know, hubby and I had a massive talk, and made the big decision to change the kids schools.  This was a major choice for us, and the children, since they had only just had to move from one school in VIC to the one here in QLD last September.

I felt bad about making them move after only just getting acquainted with the new school. But there were, in our opinion, very legitimate reasons. This is a huge decision that required a lot of thought, and a lot of talking with the kids about their feelings and opinions.

Miss (almost) 9 was being bullied and excluded at school. She used to be a happy, smart, outgoing little girl. But when we shifted she became quite withdrawn, grumpy, angry, and short with everyone. Her academic progress seemed to have halted. Initially we thought this was due to SUCH a HUGE change from moving interstate. But when she finally broke down and admitted spending all her recess and lunch times in the library by herself reading. We knew there was a problem.

I spoke to her teacher, and in my opinion, he handled it ALL wrong. So many kinds of wrong that it wasn't funny.

Mr 6 was just cruising along quite nicely, had friends, school work was being done well. So he was fine.

However, Mr (almost) 5 was having a bad time too. His teacher almost seemed to not like him. He was acting out, and he had quite severe Separation Anxiety. He was below the standards set by the school. And he dreaded going to school every day. Friday nights he asked if he had school the next day, and when we told him he had 2 days off, he was anxious the entire weekend about going back.

I tried talking to the teachers, but they seemed to see it as an annoyance rather then something they need to help me to fix, for his sake.

Don't even get me started on the lack of proper writing and stuff they were NOT doing because they were on the (optional) Laptop/iPad classes! Boy that was a massive mistake! Pen and paper, they need it!!!

The final straw was the fact that my 4yo Preppy got ..... SUSPENDED!

I looked at the Vice Principal with confusion and slight disgust.

They are suspending my 4yo? A 4yo? Seriously??? What the......?

Yes ok, he did the wrong thing by biting a child when they both went for the same toy. But suspension?? Not to mention they are sending him the wrong message. He WANTS to go home, all the time! They know this! So, when he did the wrong thing, he got to go home..... Make sense?  Don't think so!

So, that was it for me and hubby. We had a chat to our neighbours (3 lots of our neighbours had children at this same school, and all shifted them due to the lack of performance of this school). They helped us and supported our move. One of the neighbours also sends her children to the same school we have transferred to.

Today is only their 3rd day at the new school.

The differences I have noticed so far are....
- Much better behaviour
- They ALL look forward to going!
- Miss 8 has a smile, ALL.THE.TIME!
- Mr 4 doesn't have separation issues
- They have said to me Mr 4 does NOT have 'special needs' and he is no different
- Mr 6 will not be quiet about all his new friends
- Miss 8 has friends!
- Miss 8's hand writing is improving already!
- The parents are even different, and actually come up to me to welcome me to the school an introduce themselves!

This is in just 3 days!!

So, my thoughts .... We have absolutely, without a doubt, made THE right choice for our children!

I am so happy that I have righted the wrong. I am so happy that they are happy. It is all I wantfor my children.


  1. Great to hear Tiff! It must be such a relief! xx

    1. Thank you Toni! It is a HUUUGE relief! I am so happy that they are happy XX

  2. This is a beautiful post. The old school sounds terrible. I am so glad the kids are loving their new school and new friends. Well done on sticking up for your kids. xx

    1. Thank you Dee. It was terrible for us, I know others find it works for their family. But is just didn't for ours. If we don't stick up for our own children, who will? :) Thank you again. xx

  3. Wow what a huge stress that must have been for you. It is a very hard decision and good on you for making it. Excellent that it has paid off too.

  4. WOOH go you!! I find this journey so fantastic (even as a home schooler) cos many leave their kids in amongst the mean crowd with the terrible teachers. Well done for looking out for the benefit of your children. The improvements in itself are worthy it.
    Well done mama!! Xx