Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The most embarrassing thing EVER!!


Like seriously, OH MY GOD! The most embarrassing thing EVER just happened to me and hubs....

So let me set the scene....

Hubby and I thought "hmm the kids are in bed, lets have a shower, like, together!" OOOH how sexual right! Anyway, we come out of the bathroom and are on the *ahem!* bed, bedroom door is shut and lock also so you know, JUST IN CASE a child wakes up right...

So we are laying there and we hear this voice "Helloooooo??" We are like, What the...??

We realise it is our neighbour Ill call her Mrs O. So we scamble to throw on clothes and walk out our bedroom door only to find her IN OUR HOUSE!!!! OH MY GOD! She apparently was knocking on our front door, but since we were in the shower and had the door shut we didn't hear her. Instead of walking away and coming back later, she decided to break into our backyard through the side gate, which by the way has a peice of wood and a heavy tire holding said wood to the fence so the dog doesnt get out. She entered our house through my laundry door and was standing in the hall way (outside of Miss 8's room) holering "hellooooo?"......

Holy hell.

She was after the cake I made her saying she is leaving at 4am and was picking it up tonight instead of in the morning... Holy shit! I hadn't finished it, I just needed to make a quick Ganache and pop it on top, so she stood in my kitchen having a good old chat and a cup of coffee while I finished it off, in my dressing gown, completly NUDE underneath it......... AWKWARD!!!!

This has freaked me out, and I am horribly embarrassed, thankfully she didn't know what we were doing, and LUCKILY we had our bedroom door shut, otherwise she may have run out of the house .... screaming!

The End..... True story by the way :-(

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  1. Oh you poor thing... alone time between four kids & work & house chores is SO hard to find!!! A good giggle though hehe