Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blog Everyday In May - Day 2: Education is the key!

Today's challenge for Blog Everyday In May is: Educate us on something you know a lot about, or are good at.

Well, to be honest, I wanted to skip today. I have issues and don't think I am good at anything, or know enough about something to educate anybody on the subject. So, I have had to have a long hard think. This is what I come up with......

Feelings Aren't Facts!!

This is a mantra that my hubby has taught me over the years. He is a very intelligent man (even though he doesn't think so!!) and he reads a lot, researches a lot of random things, and self educates himself - and me - along the way.

This is one of the stand out sayings that he has spouted. There are many more, but this one I love.

I get emotional a lot, the whole range of emotions. I suppose you could called it '50 Shades of Emotions' {Pause for laughs here!}

He has over the years taught me, that just because we feel something, an emotion, or a put down in our head, it doesn't mean it is true.

I thought I would talk about this subject matter as I have a sneaking suspicion that there are a lot of other mums out there like me, who put themselves down in their head, or feel things that aren't always on the positive side.

So to all the mums who have thoughts that vear along the same lines as mine, rest assured. Just because you 'feel' that way, doesn't always mean it is the way. The sooner we all start to look at why we are feeling this way, the better. Because......

Feelings Aren't Facts!

They are just a feeling.

Chin up mamma's, get the facts of your emotions, and then you can start to learn about what causes them, why they are happening, and ultimately, how deal with them better.

I would also like to say a HUGE thank you to my hubby, who has sat with me countless times over the last 7 1/2 years, through the tears, the depressive thoughts, and all the negatives, and have told me simply, Feelings Aren't Facts. He has taught me how to listen to my feelings, and work through them.

{Disclaimer:} I am not always 'in tune' with my feeling and can throw a massive bitch fest and go off the rails too. Sometimes 'Feelings Aren't Facts' gets thrown out the window in pieces and fed to the birds. We are all human after all. :)


  1. Laughing WITH you, not against you!

  2. This is a great, unique post. Keep up the blogging:) I'm totally addicted to mummy blogs. I have only recently stumbled across yours but I like reading what you've got to say. I think your youthfulness and the raw honesty of your blog are your 'points of difference'. (can you tell I work in marketing when I'm not off on maternity leave?! ;))