Monday, November 4, 2013

Getting my Mum-mojo back

So, recently, I have lost my 'mum-mojo'. I have kind of given up a bit on my house, and being all I can be. I don't know why. Call it frustration from the monotony of it all.

Get up.

Cook, Clean, Help, Do, Wash.

Do it all again

7 times a week

365 days year.

Yup, I know this is what us Stay At Home Parents do. It what we have to do in order to stay home. Its essentially our job.
But I tell you know, I lost my care factor with basically all of the above.

I have let the house go a fair bit. I just cant be bothered any more, and I don't care.

Well, I didn't. I think I am getting my Mum-mojo back now.

So I thought, to encourage me, and to maybe dish out some hints, tips etc, I would post everyday, about what I have done, how I have done it, and maybe, just maybe, I will get back on top of it all, and you never know, maybe my way of doing things, might be a new way for someone else to try.

So stay tuned, I am off now to start on the housework, and my mummy general duties. Keep in mind I have Mr 5 at home, as he was up half the night coughing. Joy. Ok, here we go, are you in?

Lets get our Mummy-mojo back! (Or Daddy-mojo, whoever is the at home parent)

I wish it was as easy as snapping my fingers and it was done. Well played Mary P, well played!

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