Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Costco Rocks!

A few months back I got a Costco membership. I went down with another mum from school and we had a BALL! It was great to get out and do stuff together.
On the weekend I convinced hubby to let me stop there, so he could see the bargains for himself (and to pick up a few more things lol).

This is what we got:

$15 - Meat Lovers

It was too big to fit in my oven! I had to cut it in half! :O

18 pack  2 Min Noodles = $10
5kg Long grain Rice $7.50

2x 1kg Nutella $9

12 x tins diced tomatoes $7.50 & 6 jars (700ml) passata sauce $5

Shredded Ham - $8

2 x 750g packs

Koala March 25xlittle packs (like tiny teddies kind of) $7

1 kg! Minced Garlic $5

I am so impressed with what they have to offer! I would highly recommend people to go if you can. I am waiting until Tax time when I can take a lot of money in, and stock up for a few months! Looking forward to it. If anyone has any questions about Costco, please feel free to ask. Its really quite daunting spending $60 on a membership on something you don't know much about. :)

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  1. I LOVE COSTCO too....I am an hour away though and only go every 3-4 months.