Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hump day - Wednesday

Well, today, Wednesday, is feeling very much like a hump day for me. As we have 9 days left here in Victoria, I have been frantically packing and cleaning the house while hubby is up in beautiful sunny QLD working. It is more work then I thought. I don't know why I thought I could do it easily, but hey we all misjudge at some point HAHA!

Today the kids had the day off school as their teachers were on strike. I wouldn't have minded, but I had a trillion errands to run this morning. I did get them done however, then we went out for lunch. It was nice. To a point. However silly me forgot I was getting some boxes while I was out, and put the pram in the boot. Well, if anyone was watching me and the lady who I got the boxes from, they would have had a laughing fit. 20 boxes into a Tarago boot, with a 3 wheeled pram. Hmmm. That was ..... an experience! LOL

So I have packed most of the house up. All the boxes are being stored in what was the play room. However I didn't think this through very well, as I didn't vacuum it first, I'm curious what will be under them once they go in the truck, yikes! So all we have left to go are the clothes, kitchen, and cleaning things. Of course there is then the whole lot of linen on all the beds one the day of moving. I will have to leave some boxes out for them.

I can't wait to join my partner up in QLD. The kids are getting restless because they are so excited, we are all getting impatient and anxious to get there. Maybe it's because it's warmer up there HAHA.

Oh well, that's my spiel for now.

I hope everyone else is having a rip snorter of a day!

XX Tiff.


  1. Wow how exciting :) I'm glad to hear everythings falling into place for u and ur family :) If u dont mind me asking, roughly how much is it costing to ship ur stuff to QLD? We're planning a move to QLD next yr and have been looking into removal costs

  2. @Tubbah @Organing: My Crazy Life - Thank you! Hubbys company is paying for ours, (thank goodness) but with furniture, 1 car (driving the other one up) and 2 pets, it was $6,150. Alot of money!! But thats insurance and everything. The breakdown was approx $4000 for furniture, $1150 for car and $800 for pets. Hope this helps! :)

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