Thursday, September 6, 2012

Personality Plus!

Today I asked my 'likers' on Facebook what they would like to see more of from me? One lady suggested about the different personalities in my household. I thought this was a great idea to start with. So here it goes....

OK, so first is my Miss 8. She has the most placid personality EVER! She is kind an nurturing, patient and loving. She See's the joy in the world. She takes time to smell the roses, and frolic in the long grass. She helps me whenever, wherever she can. However, she is the oldest out of my lot, and with 3 younger brothers, sometimes this can be trying for her. She tries to colour in nicely and it gets drawn on my Mr 22 months, she tries to sit and watch a movie and gets out voted for a 'boy' movie instead of Barbie. She often finds this unfair, but due to her beautiful nature, she accepts it and moves on. I sometimes tell the boys that it is her turn to pick a movie, and they will sit and watch it with her. Sometimes. I try to encourage her helpfulness, her kindness and reward her pleasant attitude to life in general. She has been a very easy child. However, she is getting a little older, and I have  feeling, a little bit of puberty might be starting to hit her. She is sometimes rather emotional about trivial things, and is starting to get (for lack of a better word) bitchy. But she still remains a beautiful little girl, with a heart of gold, and a brain to boot. (Little brag, she is an entire year ahead in everything at school!)

Next is Mr 5 1/2 - WELL! I don't even know where to start with this one. He is.... impulsive. I have come to learn he is what they call a heuristic learner. You tell him a thousand times the stove is hot, but he won't believe it until he touches it and burns his hand. Then he will do it again to b sure! He acts before he thinks, and gets upset with himself when he has to suffer the consequences for his actions. However, in saying this, he has a giant heart of pure gold. If someone gets hurt, he is there to help, if I can't lift something, he tries his best to help (he is freakishly strong!). Since hubby has been away the last 2 weeks, he has become 'the man of the house'. He has embraced this with all he has to give. He helps with the baby, and cleans up after people that are smaller then him. He gives me cuddles when I am tired, and having a bad day. He is VERY much daddy's boy. I have alot of trouble with this one though, he has an attitude, and he has a tendency to get angry easily, he is a very emotional little thing. I feel for him when he gets upset, he gets upset with only himself, and it takes alot of reassuring to get him back to himself. We have had to make a big change in diet for him, as if he has much sugar at all, he goes batty. Like seriously, climbing the walls! So we have cut it out. This has made a huge difference to his behaviour. He doesn't like reading, but he is VERY clever as well. Just like his big sister.

Mr 4 1/2 - well, he is pretty easy actually. He will be going to school next year, and I will miss having him home with me. He does not ever stop talking, but he is always wanting hugs and kisses, which is perfectly fine by me! He doesn't eat much, but what he does eat, he doesn't complain about.
I am curious to see how he will go at school next year, he might have to work on his listening problem, but, what 4 year old listens? He is very kind, LOVES his little brother to bits. Fights like a house on fire with Mr 5 1/2, but that is only because he looks up to his big brother. I have to keep him entertained at all times, he gets bored easily. So, rainy days are, difficult sometimes. But he is so loving. He LOVES to help around the house too, which is fantastic!

Finally, Mr 22 months. Well he is a bit young to be able to asses his personality. But so far, he is a mummy's boy! He LOVES his cuddles, loves his kisses, and loves his food!! Oh and his teddy which he named 'Tedda!" He is lost without Tedda.

I am very lucky to have 4 beautiful loving helpful children. I don't know what they will be like when they are older. But I can't wait to find out. I am thankful everyday that I have this lot. Even the days that they irritate me, they are still the most precious, beautiful things on this planet to me. :)

xx Tiff.


  1. Naaaaaw - congratulations on 4 gorgeous kids! xx

  2. Hi there, I have four kids as well, except I have 1 boy and 3 girls. Love the blog post, this is a great idea, might do this on my blog soon.