Thursday, December 13, 2012

All I want for Christmas is....

So I have had the great honour of being 'selected' by the one and only Dad Down Under to spread the Christmas cheer, and ditch the kids 'wish list' for one of my own.

I am a self confessed Christmas Junkie! I loooove Christmas and everything that goes with it! (I am sorry I am not religious so I don't do the traditonal stuff, but fully support those that do). I love the happiness it gives my children, the glow of excitment that radiates off their sleepy faces in the morning of the 25th. I love the shopping, I love the planning, I LOVE the decorating, I love the lights and I love being able to pig out! LOL.

I have not really given much thought to a Christmas Present for myself, real or hypothetical. So this might be a little bit challenging..... But here it goes.....

1 - I want .......... (I am stuck!!)

-----Insert thinking music here! ------

1- I want a Kitchen aid - In HOT pink!! I have always been a pink girly girl, but don't tend to splash it around the house as much as I don't think that majority of the household, being BOYS would appreciate that. But one of these I would display proudly on my benchtop!!

2 - I want a new car - but that's not going to happen HAHA!!
Idealy one of these    -->

3 - To own my own house. That WOULD be a dream come true!

4 - For my beautiful man, and my gorgeous kids, to forever be happy and want for nothing. They are my life, my world, and are more precious to me then anything!

5 - Lastly, the most important. I would like to live off a diet of Chocolate and Coffee, and it NOT be bad for me, and in fact make me skinny and toned! Surely that is not too much to ask for? Right? LOL!!

So now I pass this on to five other fellow bloggers, and let them release thier Christmas Wishes upon the world. You never know, Santa is ALWAYS watching!


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