Thursday, May 24, 2012

Miss 8's Roller Blade Party - Part 2 - The Food

Ok so I sat down with my little Miss 8 and asked her what she wanted for food at her party. Keeping in mind it was 9am - 12pm so it was more of a morning tea then anything else.
We ended up deciding on:
- Rainbow Jelly Cups
- Cake Pops
- Fruit Platter (this was MY idea!)
- Coloured Popcorn
- Tea Cups Biscuit things.
- Chocolate Coated Strawberries (Miss 8's favourite thing in the world!)
- Chips

I thought this was a great morning tea and the kids loved it, there really wasn't much left over! Not bad for 10 girls. I guess my 3 boys also may have helped a little. OK A LOT! lol

Tea Cup Biscuit things.
  • Get one Tic Toc biscuit. 
  • Add a dob of icing in the middle of the coloured side. 
  • Put on Marshmallow. 
  • Put another small dab of icing in top of marshmallow, add Chocolate Freckle. 
  • Cut a Musk Lifesaver in half, apply icing to ends, Stick to Marshmallow. EASY! But super cute!
 Chocolate Coated Strawberries.
  • Wash Strawberries and remove leaves.
  • Melt some chocolate over saucepan of boiling water in a glass bowl. Add a small amount of oil to make it glossy. About 1tsp.
  • Dip Strawberries into Chocolate.
  • Put Chocolate Dipped Strawberries onto oven tray lined with greaseproof paper. So they don't stick!
  • Put in fridge until set. Once again EASY!
 Fruit Platter.
  • Cut up fruit
  • Arrange on tray
  • Yup - it's that easy! LOL


  • In a food processor, crush up 1x packet oreo biscuits. 
  • Put into a bowl with 125g Philly Cheese (leave it out before hand so its soft) and rub into oreos. 
  • When it is all rubbed in, all you do it pinch a small bit, and roll it into a ball. 
  • Stick it on a stick. I just used skewers. But I put the blunt end into the Cake Pop.
  • What you do from here is completely up to you. I dipped the top into melted chocolate, then dipped them into different coloured sprinkles. Stuck them into some floral foam in a colourful box. It kind of looked like flowers! Let them set, at least 1-2 hours.

 Rainbow Jelly Cups.

  • Make your Jelly and allow it to cool a bit

  •  Arrange your plastic CLEAR cups on a tray that will fit onto a shelf in the fridge. It is easier to pull a tray out 16 out every time you need to do a colour rather then 16 individual cups!

  • I used a medicine cup to measure out the Jelly so there was even amount in each cup. I found 1 packet of Jelly did my 16 cups nicely, per colour of course. 
  •  Put them into the fridge until set. Once the first colour is set, you can repeat with another colour. Make sure to cool the Jelly mixture down before pouring in other wise it will run. And if you can, turn a spoon upside down and pour into cup so the set Jelly doesn't get too much of a blow from pouring in something straight on top of it. Don't forget to put your spoon in too!

The Party Table!

Tissue Paper Pom Pom center piece, some cordial, cake pops, thank you boxes and Jelly Cups!

Fruit Platter, Coloured Popcorn and Chocolate Strawberries!

More Jelly, Tea Cup things, and some chips.

The birthday cake. AFTER I remade the rainbow due to a certain little 18month old boy who ATE my other one!

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