Thursday, May 10, 2012

School Uniforms R Us

With 2 kiddies at school this year, I realised it was going to get tough with the more kids that go to school in the years following. I was already sick of figuring out whose was whose (Miss almost 8, and Mr5 are the same size!) and I was sick of them saying "I have no shirts/pants/jumpers left" because I just couldn't keep track of what was in there draws all the time. So I came up with a different idea!

I got a cheap portable clothes rail thingy from Kmart for $12. Popped it in the laundry and voila! All the shirts, jumpers and school dresses are hung up. Some jumpers that were too small but still in good knick are on the other side of the hanging storage, ready to go for when Mr 4 is ready for school.
In the hanging storage, I have a skirt on the top shelf that is too small for Miss 8, but she LOVES it so I need to find where I can get more from. The next shelf has her shorts and stockings, the third has her skorts.

The fourth has Mr5 shorts (which are unisex, Miss 8's are not) and the bottom 2 shelves have all the pants, which are unisex. So its all in one spot. I can always see just how much uniform is left, and the kids cannot complain about running out. :)


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  2. This is a brilliant idea and I am so going to do this. I dont know why I drag them all upstairs when they have to bring them down everyday any way. Great idea and thanks for sharing! xx