Monday, May 28, 2012

The Play Room

Recently we did a 'room swap'. We swapped our 'living area' with our lounge room. It has worked wonders for us as we have now made the lounge room a Play Room/Study area. Here is some pics!

3 x Flat packs! $59 each from The Warehouse.

What they look like.
Mr 4 playing in the tunnel!

One view

All put together!

The middle cupboards have the 'baby' toys in them!

A must have - A learning/drawing/homework area for the kids

The room all completed

It isn't exactly what I would LOVE to have. But it does the job. I am just happy the assembley required, is over and one with! LOL


  1. It looks really good :) I wish we had a play room for the kids, we're thinking of making the garage a playroom.

    1. Thank you - yes I wanted a play room for years! It only occurred to me recently to do a 'room swap'- it was a 'Der' moment lol, the lounge is a bit cramped, but its lovely and warm during winter as it is now where the fire is :) the garage sounds like it would be a great alternative!