Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's day!

Well, firstly, I would like to wish all the beautiful mums, and VERY Happy Mother's Day! I hope everyone had a fantastic day full of relaxing and love.

I love mother's day.  I got woken up this morning to a lovely breakfast in bed with a much needed cup of tea. I also got a small glass with some hand picked flowers from our garden. All the kids came in and fought with each other to be the first to give me their presents!

To me mother's day isn't about presents or alone time (well a little bit of alone time doesn't hurt!) but it's about your family stopping to take time to show they love you and respect what you do, all day, every day, all year, for LIFE! (LOL) I love the handmade gift's the kids work SO hard on to give to me, because they think I am special. :) 


My Mr5 made this for me at school                                 My Miss 8 made this for me at school

I think they are JUST gorgeous, and am looking for a place to hang them around my bedroom. :)

My Miss 8 always goes out of her way to show me her love. This kid, is one in a million! 

The front of my beautiful card :)

My gorgeous Chris took the kids shopping yesterday. (I was shopping for MY mum as well separately and happened to walk past a shop where MR 4 was covered by a poster he had pulled down from the window LOL) These were my gorgeous pressies. I am the luckiest mum on earth!

Of course,mother's day isn't always happy happy joy joy. My mother, as some of you already know, is quite ill, and this could very well be her last Mother's Day. My brother and I made sure we grabbed some things from the supermarket for lunch, and we headed over there with the kids to have lunch and spoil her. I love my mum, she is an angel on earth. I feel like I miss her already even though she is still with us. I just don't want her to have any more pain. Happy Mother's Day Mummy. I love you, to the moon and back! xxxxxx

My mummy with Mr 18months :D

Liam - Mr18 months

Me and my gorgeous man Chris - thank you for my day!

Miss almost 8 in her PJ's, because she was THAT excited LOL

My brother, his girlfriend and Mr4

Mr 5 - he gives the BEST hugs! xx

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the deserving mums out there. Until next year xx

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