Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's my party, I will cry if I want to!

 By 'party', I mean 'life'. It's my LIFE and I will cry if I WANT to!! That's right, yesterday I cried. And I cried. AND i cried some more! Sometimes everything comes rushing in at once, like 20 people trying to fit through a door. Yesterday everyone fell through that door and straight onto freshly cleaned floors!

I am probably not making much sense. What I mean is all of life's stupid problems overwhelmed me. All at once. I got stressed about my kids, thinking I don't look after then well enough, feed them nutritious meals enough and can't supply them with everything they need. I got freaked out about money, wow that's a doosey of a problem, so many things revolve around stupid money, how sad is that! There were many other things that got on top of me but if I named and shamed them all I would be here forever.

Anyway, I rang my fiance and balled my eyes out over the phone to him. He stood there and listened to EVERYTHING I had to say, he didn't interupt, he just listened. After I had finished ranting and complaining talking to him. He simply said 'it will be ok'. And you know what, it will. When he got home, he gave me a gorgeous great big hug! That made me feel so safe and warm and it felt like everything just dropped away around me. I was ok. He later told me he was thinking about what I was saying all day (how caring) and he came to a conclusion. "As long as I have you and the kids, I am happy". WOW pull at the heartstrings much!

This is just one of the reasons I love my man. Among other things he is always there when I need him. Sometimes he isn't there when I think I need him, but he is in the background at all times. I then mostly figure things out on my own, knowing he has my back. Then the times I really need him, he is right there. He is my partner in crime, my king, my soul mate, my best friend, and often the household clown, making everyone smile, no matter how upset we might be feeling.

I can't wait to marry this man. He is my world and I his. He is everything to the kids, and the kids are everything to him. Yes he can annoy me sometimes, but no one can ever live together without some sort of disagreements. I wouldn't change it for the world though.

My aren't I gushy today. I am going to stop now because anyone who is reading this is probably throwing up out of 'cutesy sickness' haha I don't blame you! Have a great day everyone, and enjoy the loved ones around you. xxxx

<===== This is how crazy I probably will look tonight when hubby gets home LOL!

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