Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree etc...

Well I know its the end of March (wow hasn't that gone fast!) but I just made this new page (Celebrations) and was busting for an excuse to put something in it. So I figured, who needs an excuse. I love Christmas, so that's enough of an excuse for me!

This is our tree from 2011! I had just finished putting it up, and it wasn't until I had already taken to photo that I realized some of the lights had blown, and I don't have an updated picture **sigh** but that's ok, this will do for now!

There is just something about Christmas that bring out the 'happy' in me! I think it is one of my most 'happiest' months of the year! I obviously don't like the crowds and those rude people who push and shove when you have a trolley full of kids and miscellaneous knick knacks! But that aside it is such a fun month! I am guilty of putting up the tree in November. I like to make the season last longer as Mr Jack's birthday is December 31! So we like to make sure Christmas is well and truly done and dusted by then. So putting the tree up early gives us that little bit longer to enjoy the 'silly season'.

I like to do a few BIIIIG lay-by's mid year when they have those big toy sales. Being careful of what I buy of course as a lot of things come on special through-out the year. I find this easier though as I have peace of mind that it is there, where no child can find it, waiting for me to pay for it!

<-- My boy Mr Jack, and his little cousin 'talking' while waiting for christmas lunch. ___________________
My Girl Miss Holly (right) and her big cousin about to go for a ride. ----->

<--- Mr Jack LOOOVES 'army stuff', especially helicopters! :p

2011 was a lovely Christmas and I can't WAIT for 2012! :D

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