Friday, March 30, 2012

What to do on a sunny day!

I have found the perfect thing to do outside, on a beautiful sunny day. Put the kids to work!! HAHA

I got my almost 4 year old to give me a hand with little odd jobs. Goes to show, you are NEVER too young to help mummy!

This is my Mr X cleaning out the rubbish bin! I put some watered down vinegar into a spray bottle, gave him a cloth, and he did the rest, with a smile on his face!

I have listed below what I get my kids to do to help  mummy out around the house. I have put what age the children are that are expected to do this, next to the job. I hope this helps others.

  • Make bed - 3,5 &7 (I get them to make it as good as they can, and tidy it up if needed later on. I have also made it easier for them, and me, check out how here.)

  • Dry dishes - 3,5&7 (I get the 5 &3yo to only dry the kids plastic stuff as I don't want them dropped!)

  • Dirty clothes in the wash - everyone, even hubby!

  • Tidy toys in bedrooms AND living areas - 18 months, 3, 5 &7 - this is very simple and gets them into that routine. "You make the mess, you clean it up!"
  • put away their own  clothes - 5 &7 - the others cant reach yet haha!
  • Help with the baby - 5&7
There are many more things, but due to Murphys Law, I can't think of them right now - I will add them as I think of them.

The best thing I have ever done though, was to be ORGANISED!! You can help with that at The Organised Housewife. I have the wonderful morning and afternoon routine charts laminated and stuck on the kitchen wall. The kids race to see who can get all their jobs done first. I don't even need to ask them anymore, it is just habit. How good is that!

Have a great day

"All messes can be cleaned up!" - words of wisdom that I grew up with from my mother. Have fun with your kids and remember the mess will be waiting for you later, after you have enjoyed your life! :)

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