Saturday, March 31, 2012

One week organiser

 Ok so after we had a lovely time at the park for afternoon tea today for my little cousins 2nd birthday, the family decided it would be nice to have Easter at my house this year. I agreed, then later on went EEEEEEK!
<--- This is what I see myself as doing during the week.

SO... MUCH... TO... DO!!

After attempting to clean my house this afternoon after being out ALL day long (we had Little Athletics this morning with a presentation, followed by the party) I realised that my house, is a pig sty. Well it currently is anyway. So in order for me to get it looking ship shape before everyone comes over Sunday (and trashes it again, as their will be 10 children here!) I decided to make a "One week organiser".

Essentially it is just a piece of paper with EVERYTHING I could think of that I want to get done before people get here Sunday. I find it soooooo much easier to get things done, when I have a little box to check off when I have accomplished a job.  This is my list of jobs....

1)      Gut out every child’s room, clean thoroughly and re-organise. 
2)      Catch up with the washing                                                                                  
3)      Sterilise bathrooms
4)      Get picture frames for kids school photos and hang in hallway
5)      Sterilise Laundry and tidy it
6)      Scrub dining table top to bottom including chairs
7)      Clean Kitchen including pantry and fridge
8)      Go through toys in ‘toy area’ and throw out what is ‘crap’ and tidy
9)      Clean desks (both mine and Chris’s)
10)  Get a shoe rack for entrance way and tidy
11)  Clean out under my bed and in free standing wardrobe
12)  Tidy up lounge room
13)  Make Easter goody baskets x 10 kids & 9adults (adults - only a card and token gift)
14)  Organise Easter menu and pre-prepare anything I am able to
15)  Organise what others can bring
16)  Decide if Easter will be inside or outside and organise tables/chairs for whatever
17)  Kids to make Easter cards and crafts for house decoration
18)  Decide on an Easter table centrepiece
19)  Clean ceiling fans and around light globes
20)  Tidy up outside – front veranda swept – back yard mowed and weeded
21)  Clean floors
22)  Wash windows and doors

 <---- The reality of what I will look like during the next week. HAHA

 So this is my list of things to do.I figure I have 7 days left, with 21 jobs. Thats 3 jobs a day! (I remembered the windows and doors at the last minute making it 22 jobs, oops) Easily done .....right?! Lets hope so! In between all this stuff I would like to get done, I also want to spend time with the kiddies doing some art and craft, and just generally spending time with them during the holidays. I think it's really important to do this when you have the chance. Not long ago a family friend of ours lost his 9yo son as he went off on his own and drowned in a dam. It was horrific! It has made me realise the children could be gone in a blink of an eye, so better enjoy them just in case. Children are precious, even when they are being little MONSTERS trouble makers, they still love us, and we love them. :)

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