Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week of sandwiches

The 'bottoms' of 20 sandwiches!
My kids LOVE their sandwiches! They are a staple here as they are cheap, quick and easy (Many comments I could insert here, but won't this time hehe). I decided one day that I freeze everything else, why not sandwiches. Gave it a go and its been working out great.

We I freeze cheese with either ham, or chicken loaf in them. This also works well with Vegemite. Havn't tried peanut butter or Jam as I have the feeling these would go soggy (plus my kids don't like it).

I got this handy little gaget from House kitchenware shop(my favourite place to shop :P) I saw a girl using it at a cafe one day when I got the kids some sandwiches while I was out and about.

  Place it on the bread - here I was cutting them into triangles, so I put it on the angle.

Put the knife in the raised area, and push down slightly with your hand while slicing.

 Look at that - beautiful straight lines, and no finger marks on top, or squished bits. It is also alot safer as you eliminate basically any chance of cutting yourself.
 I find stacking them like this makes it easier to pull out again. I dont wrap them in glad wrap or anything as I try to make as little amount of waste as possible. They go straight into sandwich containers in the lunchboxes in the mornings. Frozen.
 Stacked 3 sandwiches high. In total 18 sandwiches fit in this container, which is enough for a sandwich for the 2 school kids for 4 days (lunch order day fridays) and enough for hubby to take to work too. I also have a few extra for when I am going out with the little boys for 'emergencies'. :P
 Labeled. Ham on the left, chicken loaf (my kids call it chicken ham) on the right, and muddled up in the top middle, hence lucky dip. Then the 'little boys' section has a few sandwiches without the crusts.

In the freezer, ready to go.
There was 2 left over, enough for me and Mr (almost) 4 for lunch while the bubba was sleeping. :)

I have had no complaints about these going soggy or being frozen or stale at lunch time. No complaints so i am one happy mumma!     :)

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  1. Great idea, however in this household......eeek times your amount of sandwiches by 7 kids. I think the idea of doing the night before works well for us.

    If I had 4 kids, this method would be ideal. Great job btw.