Saturday, April 14, 2012

Daily Savings Hint : Number 3 - Weekend spending

 I have found - for us anyway - we spend most of our money, on the weekends! Of course I have my set day during the week which I do the groceries while the kids are at school. But apart from that, I don't do much shopping during the week, as we have school commitments and attempts at keeping the house tidy. Note I said attempts.

On the weekends we used to go out for lunch or dinner occasionally, or just going out to the shops to 'have a look'. It never ended in just looking!

So for a fews weeks now we have been slumming it at home. We have been watching DVD's together, playing board games, cooking together and doing other kid friendly activities.

Doing this has saved us heaps as we don't buy unnecessary things and we save on petrol, since we live 25km from the 'big shops' it costs alot to be driving in all the time.

I have also made it a mission to not 'pop' down to the shops for a loaf of bread or what not. This never ends up with me getting only what I went for. So if we don't have it, we go without until Monday.

Not a fantastic tip for the day, but it has helped us lately.

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