Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Kids Rooms Big Clean Up - Part 2

Ok so after cleaning the little boys room up, I was knackered feeling motivated to continue with the other kids rooms. I cleaned up MR Jack's room, but I forgot to take photos as I was doing it, like a genius LOL.
However I did take photos of a new addition to Miss Holly's room. I LOVE this new little storage device.

I got this nifty little contraption from Office Works for an outstanding price of $35!

The colours fit in perfectly with any little girls room. Beautiful rainbow but they are also available in a white frosted look, black or fading bottom black, turning to grey, then white frosted at the top, kinda like a paint sample :P

It has 10 little draws, perfect for little girls crap trinkets.

Top 4 draws contain
1- Littlest Pet Shop (most annoying toys ever!)

2- Assortment of purses (this kid has more accessories then I do!)

3- DS cases and DSi

4- Writing Paper (Miss Holly likes to write to her Nanna that lives in Melbourne!)

Draw 5 - Next Top Model Books (Love these, I know I cant draw a persons body all you have to do with these is draw the clothes, or use the stickers!)

6- Random little knick knacks!

7-  Hollys Headphones and iPod Shuffle

8- DSi games (there are more behind the lot you can see *eye roll!*)

Draw 9 - Dress up dolls made of cardboard - remember these? I used to looooove them!

10 - Dry-nights,Miss Holly sometimes has little 'slip ups' at night, in the little purple bag is a 'night time alarm' system. We hook her up and she does the rest.

I also just wanted to show you this.
I got these Wall Decals from The Warehouse, can you believe it, $5! I think they look fantastic!

Note: Her walls are not pink, she has pink curtains and the sun was coming through them, pretty isn't it? :)

Now I have gone and cleaned/organised ALL these rooms, I am so truly hoping they stay this way - At least for a week. Come on kids, gimme ONE WEEK! PLEASE! :P

This is the finished room - I think it looks great! I wish my room looked like that when I was a kid.

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