Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter in Bendigo! 2012

We had a BLAST this Easter! Unfortunately, we were unable to make it to the Easter Parade on Sunday, but we had a great time anyway.Here is some pictures about our long weekend.

 ARMY TRUCKS! The boys are ALWAYS pulled towards the camouflage in the distance. So much for invisibility hey! These boys can see them miles off lol. They had such a blast being able to climb in and out of the trucks cabins and the trays. I loved seeing them in their element, even though they tried to convince the kids to persuade me or Chris to join the reserves. Ekk! I don't think so lol.

I was following Chris with the pram, while he walked with the boys, around the park to have a look at all the fun activities and performances. The last picture here is one very unhappy Mr Xavier, he had to have a talking to a few times this day! lol

The boys had only a few rides each, eek they add up quickly, $4each x 3 kids! $12 per ride! But they were suprisingly happy about what they got.For Mr Little Liam, this was his first time on a ride. Lucky he had his Big brother Mr Jack to side with him and look after him! :)

The boys loved their crappy little prizes from the clowns.

Enjoying some 'sit down time' for Mummy and Daddy while the big boys had a play on a giant lotus in the Chinese Precinct in town. There was A LOT of parents relaxing while the kids played here hehe. Oh and a giant rabbit on bouncing stilts! cool!

These are the Easter baskets I made for the 10 kids we brought for. I thought they were cute. I loved the little chicks that were pink for girls, and blue for boys with the little handkerchiefs on their heads. So cute! I even handmade some cheap little cards! They aren't anything fancy, but came in at around $10ea! Gotta be happy with that!

Hope you had a really Happy Easter everyone! 
2012! xx

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