Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Family Fun Day @ Little Athletics

A few weeks ago my kids had their Family Fun Day at Little Athletics. This was such a fun morning,and the whole family was bale to participate. After all the fun and games, Mr Jack also had his presentation ceremony (Miss Holly had hers the night before). These are some pictures I wanted to show everyone from the day. :)

Mr Little Liam - stuffing his face with twisties LOL

Mr Xavier - having an apple before heading off to have a kick of the Rugby Ball!

Mr Little Liam, watching Mr Xavier playing. He didn't want to go play as he hadn't finished eating. I am not sure he is ever finished eating though LOL.

Having a kick

Mr Xavier come up to me and says "Mummy, take a photo of me and my 'Buzz' shirt" LOL

Finally,Daddy joins in and the game is ON! :P

This is at the Athletics Track, it was such a beautiful morning! As you can see we were one of the first ones there. To me, getting there at the time it starts, is late. I like to be places 15 minutes before I am suppose to be lol.

Mummys treat - White Hot Chocolate! YUMM

"What ball daddy?" hehe cheeky monkey he is!

Sadly - this basket is empty in comparison to when I got there. They dont quite understand "making it last" LOL

Playing with daddy again! They sure do love when he has the chance to play with them instead of being at silly ol' work! hehe

Ahh my boys!

I just love this photo of Mr Liam. If he didnt have the organge twisties glow around his mouth, it would of been perfect! lol

The fun is on! Throwing water bombs at each other.

Miss Holly was having a blast!

Throwing it to her friend.

Awwwww my Miss Holly is the most beautiful girl in the world! Well in my eyes she is! :P

Mr Jack playing TUG OF WAR! We lost, but we were on a hill! lol

The smile from having sooo much fun!

This photo for me, is one of those photos you look at and you go "OMG they are growing up too fast, she looks so old!" :P

Holly and her friend tried their hardest, but still that pesky hill got in the way LOL


Even the girls dont stop! Except to talk maybe.

Mr Jack- This is his graduation ceremony thing. He gets a certificate, ribbon and photo of his 2012 group. He can't even sit still for this! LOL

Yup - Thats Mr Jack, looking 'cool' with his arms crossed in the middle! So proud of the lil man!
Finally, he receives his things. He was so happy!

We had such a fun time at Little Athletics, and can't wait to start the next season in October. :)

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