Saturday, April 14, 2012

Daily Savings Hint : Number 4 - White goodies

 I hate having to buy white goods. My washing machine decided it didn't want to work any more a few months ago. How lovely. I didn't have any spare cash to spend on something like that. Luckily  for me my mum was able to help me out and I paid her back over time.

So I did some online research for what I wanted. Decided on the washing machine of choice. Then  my mum the kids and myself went shopping.

We saw the machine I wanted. I asked the salesman what his best price was. It was only around $50 off the marked price. My mum turned to me and said "Oh it was less then that at the other place wasn't it sweety?" LOL good on you mum! We never went to another place, she was playing him HAHA! I followed along though "Yeah it was mum" he asked how much and we said it was another $100 cheaper then the $50 he told us! He fell for it hook line and sinker! HAHA.

I was also told my a friend that when they have those sales "50 months interest free no deposit" thingys that they actually mark up the price a bit to cover the interest. Shifty hey! I told the guy I knew this and he admitted this was true, since I was paying cash I said I think I should have that increase taken off too. He went and spoke to the manager and came back with a YES! Woo score!

Another little saving was the fact we brought the one off the floor. There was nothing wrong with it, still never been used.

And one more little point of advice. I know it sounds CRAZY but take the kids with you! Mine were having one of 'those' days, they couldn't help but play with all the floor stock washing machines, opening the doors and pushing the buttons. I kept telling them not to and interrupting the sales man to tell them off. This annoyed the man, you could tell (what else was I suppose to do?!) So he just wanted me out of there as fast as possible. BAM! He threw in free delivery (which is usually at least $50 as we live so far out of town). HAHA mum and I left the shop feeling very satisfied. All up I got my $1200 washing machine, for $800 with free delivery! GO ME! :D Happy shopping fellow mummies :p


  1. hahaha good stuff!! my washing machine's on it's way out, I think I'll follow suit and get some discounts :)

  2. Heck yes! Why not?! They rob enough money from us, time to reclaim some back!