Thursday, April 26, 2012

That pesky washing pile!

 Sick of those pesky washing piles getting soooooo unorganised? Yeah I was too! I told everyone what goes where for the washing baskets, but do you think they listened or remembered? No, of course not.
So I made them handy reminders so they have NO EXCUSE! HAHA! I love my little signs above my washing basket, it makes it easy to see what really needs attention to be washed, and everything has a picture, so they kids have no excuse because they can't read.

So, obiously, the kids don't generally have to put too much linen in the basket except for their towel, but this makes it a little easier for when the Mother In Law decides to come over and change all the sheets ect on my kids beds, just because she can.(She doesn't wash them, or ask, she just does!)
So now SHE knows to at least put them in the right spot lol. 

Clothes, well as you see, I had to be very specific with this, as apparently, there was no 'pants' picture on the other one, so they didn't know they went there (for goodness sake!). So now, there is NO EXCUSES! 

YUP! Daddy needs A LOT some of reminding too!
He knows all his yucky, smelly fibreglass ridden clothes can go into their own section, so no one else's clothes get itchy, and they can be washed separately.

Hope this helps someone else with some sort of inspiration in their laundry. I find being organised in the laundry is quite crucial. Laundry and Kitchen, they are the hub of the home, so make them easy, accessable and somewhat enjoyable!

P:S - Note in the top picture, the washing baskets are basically empty, can you believe it! WOOHOO LOL


  1. I like lol mine have 4 baskets, school/kinder uniforms, everyday clothes, white and linen, dad's mining clothes go on the floor in the cornor where they can stink there lol

    1. LOL I Love that you put yours on the floor - hubby does that too, but not in the laundry, but on the bottom of the wardrobe, or his side of the bed *eye roll*! LOL

  2. oh I like this idea, where did you get your basket from?

    1. I got my basket from Aldi when they had them. They are fantastic! I had always wanted one, so I was first in the door when they had them on special LOL. You can find them around alot of places, like Sam's Warehouse has them I think :)