Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Kids Rooms Big Clean Up - Part 1

The little boys bedroom after I 'gutted' it and started cleaning!
Well if you follow me on Facebook (here) then you will know that this Easter, the family thought it would be great to have it at my house. AARRGGHH!!
So much cleaning had to be done, as we live 20km out of town, not many people come out on short notice, so I can generally have crap everywhere, and noone knows the difference. I made myself a list of everything I wanted to get done (you can see that here too!).

Well I started with the 'Little boys' rooms. This room houses Xavier (almost 4) and Liam (18 months).

Even emptied the bottom of their wardrobe!
The filthy walls next to the bed (Mr 4) from where he has his tantrums - oh dear!

 So after I trashed the living area with everything I could lift from their room including toys and furniture, I vacuumed the floors, wiped down dirty areas of the walls and wiped down cupboards and toys. - Wow what an event this was! The kids couldn't help but play with the toys I had taken out while I was wiping walls and vacuuming, hence, the mess, was even messier when I returned to the living area *sigh!*.

But its ok. I fixed it now. This is what I am dealing with now.....

All clean and 'Buzzed out' - can you tell Mr 4 likes Buzz lightyear?

Even inside the wardrobe got a make over!

All tidy - even have a lock on the wardrobe doors so they can't go in their and mess it up again! ;)

Feels sooooo much better to finally have it sorted. It is efficient and easy for the little ones to put toys away. I am still loving having my plastic tubs next to each bed for teddies (more about that here).

So thats one room done - but sadly, this was always going to bed the easiest! Lets see if this room can stay like this for even one week! Sounds like a challenge to me - I'm in! :)


  1. Do we have the same kids? My 3.5 year old has the same doona cover and mat lol looks really good!

  2. hahaha - i got the rug from Aldi but the doona cover set at a kids market for $2!!!! BARGAIN! lol thank you