Friday, October 5, 2012

A new start, for ME!

Today I have a Dr's appointment to get some Champix to quit smoking. I did this once before and it worked a treat, but then my mum got sick and eventually passed away. There was no way I could keep it up through all that stress and grief.

I know Mum would want me to stop. She was a smoker too, and is contributed to her death. Not the cause, but it did kick in. So I am going to make sure that it wont happen to me. I fuss over my children's health all the time, forcing down vegetables, and making sure they have their daily Vitamin C etc. But I never take that much effort with my own health. So I have decided to make this change. For ME!

I have also decided to start back on the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss plan. I was doing this at the same time, and it was working well too. So I am going to give it another shot. I want to look good, and feel good. Now we are living in QLD, I have to make sure I am beach and water theme park ready right? LOL.

Anyway,I thought I would Blog about my progress on here not only as a sort of 'online diary' for myself, but I thought maybe if anyone else wanted to join me in this, we could create a nice little support group for each other. This could be quitting smoking, loosing weight, quitting coffee (is that possible!???) anything YOU want to achieve for YOURSELF!

If you want to join in, leave what you are trying to achieve in the comments section below, and we can all support each other in this quest.

Best of luck ladies! (and gentlemen if there are any that follow me....?)

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