Tuesday, October 30, 2012

School Station - All aboard!

I am going to share with you all how I store and sort my kids and their things for school.
I have 2 at school, and next year I will have 3. I don't know what I am going to do with myself when I only have one at home. I feel like I have been imagining that day in my head for, forever! HAHA!

Anyway, this is my cube cupboard. I got it for $149 from Amart Furniture. It didn't need to be pricey, just functional. I refuse to buy expensive furniture while my kids are young.

As you can see, it's nothing fancy, and can be found at almost every furniture place. So, the first column is Miss 8, second Mr 5, third Mr 4, and finally 4th is kind of shared, it's Mr 2's, but Hubby puts his lunch box in the top one (lunchbox is absent).

In the bottom cube, we put empty school bags, and in the case of the litter ones, empty backpacks they like to tote around. The next cube up is school shoes, again the littler ones like to put whatever shoes they are wearing in there. The next one up is for other bags, swimming bag for example like Mr 5 has in there at the moment, crammed in there with his show and tell bag. And finally the top cube has homework. It is to be taken out of their bags with their lunch boxes, drink bottles and any notes. Homework goes into the cube, and lunchboxes, drink bottles and notes are put onto the kitchen counter for me to deal with.

 The top of the cupboard has some pretty pictures my kids did for hubby last fathers day. I downloaded the prints from Lovely Living - Love The Life You're Living .
As you can see we have a few educational things the kids enjoy too such as a microscope, Miss 8 loves science, and a dinosaur head which Mr 5 dug out of the plaster stuff that was surrounding it like a real paleontologist! (Had to think about how to even spell that one!) That's what, at this point, he wants to do when he grows up, so I am all up for encouraging these things.

Then of course, we all need somewhere to store the pencils, pens, textas, rubbers, scissors and sharpener don't we. I have wanted one of these bad boys for a while now. I wanted it in green but they sold out, but the blue blends in nicely too. I got this from Howards Storage World for $30. I thought it was a bit pricey, but I am a tight a$$ sometimes, but I REALLY wanted it haha.

      This little creation is new. I found it on the Martha Stewart website. I was forever wondering where I should put the kids sunglasses. This is working a treat! It was cheap too as I made it with a spare hanger haha.

This is the room as a whole. Books, dinning table to do homework on, and our simple school station. Oh and our little basket with Umbrellas in it :) Note hubbys lunchbox is in there now haha.

Speaking of Howards Storage World - I am in LOVE with my egg holder. Sick of waiting for them to come to room temperature before baking. So this works a treat. Isn't my little birdy gorgeous!? I got that from Pillow Talk, It is so cute, and the tail is all glittery haha!


  1. Awesome idea. I love that bird too!!

  2. This is great, I so need something like this for my four, there is always school crap everywhere. Thanks for linking up to The Tuesday Tea Party :)