Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OK, It Is On!!

Ok, I am going to say it ....


I am quietly shitting bricks here!

Every year I put on a mid year lay-by so I can pay it off, avoid the rush and the crowds, and to have peace of mind the kids will be getting pressents, no matter what happens through the year.

Yeah well, that didn't happen this year as we had our big move, so I couldn't exactly go to Victoria from Queensland to pick them up (although they would of stayed hidden well!).

So, now, I am faced with the problem that Christmas is fast approaching. I LOVE the Christmas season, it makes me happy, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the shinny things and tacky songs. Im the one you will find having a CD of Christmas songs on in the car loud singing along while the kids look at me funny. Yeah I know, but that's just me.

So I went out the other night, and found a nice young man at Target, and kindly asked him if he would please help me with getting some bikes to put on lay by. He said "Sure, which one would you like?" I said "that one, that one, that one and this one" I have 4 kids, I needed 4 bikes. "Oh!" was his reply. Yeah yeah ok, just get the bikes matey! LOL I think he was upset I was making him do too much work. Anyway, I got the bikes on lay by, YAY, got their major pressie sorted. Now just gotta to everything else! Not to mention our tree got kinda, peed on by the dog. It was gross, so we tossed it. Looks like I am in the market for a new tree......


  1. 70 days...really...I hate to say it but I live in Vic so I did the big christmas layby but am thinking that next year I might get one of them credit cards from the post office and put money on that so when the kids change their minds I can just get it...the hardest to buy for is Mr 14...Master 6 is happy with anything really and Master 4 has decided that he needs something Optimus Prime...I can see some presents getting exchanged once the layby is done...have fun and enjoy...

  2. At least you have bikes...I dont have anything and not sure what to get yet??????