Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another busy day!

Well today is another busy day and im going through it VERY tired. It is my own fault though getting wrapped up on a movie last night and not going to bed when I should have.

OOOPPS! Anyway I dropped my daughter off at school, my son has a rest day on wednesdays for the month of feb (not that he needs them) so had to drag him and my two other little boys to the dr, i had a check up. Then we went to my mothers house to catch up over a cuppa and a piece of slice,yum yum. Just got home, got my house to clean, then picking up my daughter, taking her to dancing, dropping them home the popping out again for an information night at school. I really don't want to go out tonight, once im home after school, thats where I like to stay. Oh well we do what we must! How is everyone elses post-valentines day going? :P

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