Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Ok so I came up with this idea all by myself, and it works so well for us I thought I would share it.

I made a 'Recharge Staion', a place to recharge all the modern day gagets. I was so sick of them laying scattered around the house at different power outlets and with a 16 months old running around the place, I was scared he would get them. So I created this......


Recharge Station

As you can see all I have done is gotten a nice looking basket and hung up a power board with command picture hanging strips. Plug in what you need to recharge, flick on the switch and voila, all in one easy to access place, and out of babys reach, and a little tidier looking then scattered around the house.

So this is the inside of our recharge station, as you can see it has my sons Leapster Explorer, my other sons DSi and the battery recharger. It also holds mine and hubbys phone chargers and my daughters DSi, she just happened to be playing at the time :p
Simple effective solution for messy cords, I am also going to get one of those pantry 'extra shelves' next time I am at Ikea. Going to put the basket on top of it so the cords aren't hanging as much, and I will still have bench space underneath. :)


  1. great idea!i should try something like this as my husband thinks I'm shocking when it comes to cords :)

  2. LOL cords are just ugly aren't they, im trying to figure out a solution for hubbys computer cords, they are just gross :P happy i could help someone :)