Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shoes, shoes and more shoes

Shoes are usually such a fun topic for me as I am obsessed with shoes. I love them! I dont love them all over the floor however, and with an almost 8yo daughter, who loves shoes as much as I do, they ended up all over the place. 
I was at Coles doing some groceries one week and found this little beauty which has saved me alot of work picking up shoes. For $12, me and my daughter are happy! :)


Sadly this is not all her shoes, there is another pair in the 'shoe box' (which ill post later) and the pair on her feet at school. 
The bottom row has school shoes and a pair of ballet flats. Second row from bottom has 2 x pairs sandals. 3 rd row from bottom has another pair of school shoes as spares (Aldi ones) and a pair of winter slouch boots.
For some reason there is a lone thing on the next one, and the top row has last years school shoes and runners. I clearly havn't cleaned this out yet. :p

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