Thursday, February 9, 2012


Well what a day I have had today! We have a house inspection tomorrow, so I have been scrubbing and cleaning ALL day. After picking the kids up from school and having dinner, I put them in bed only to find the house looks like it did this morning allover again. Toys everywhere, dirty floors, marks on the walls. I have just about had enough, I think I might go on strike soon! We are going through some tough times at the moment as my fiance Chris found out his work is shutting up and moving to QLD, so he is looking for another job, which is not easy around here. Plus in November last year, my mother was diagnosed with Gaul Bladder Cancer. This is a terminal illness and she only has a few months left with us, this makes for trying times. Ever felt like you just wanna quit, let the house go to ruins and just sleep for a little while?!

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