Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cool, cheap shelves for boys

My partner and I painted the kids rooms not long ago, and as a birthday pressie for my now 5yo son, we painted a feature wall (we got him real pressies too) in his room. It looks great, but it was lacking something, shelves on the wall. 
We had a look at floating shelves but they were quite expensive and they lacked my sons interest. 'They are boring mum, I want something cool 'cause im cool!' these were his words lol.
Anyway I was at Kmart one day and came across a very cool idea for him....


 SKATEBOARDS!! Got hubby to chuck some brackets on the wall and attach the skateboards, and my son LOVES them!!
This is what they look like on top, I could not believe I found some in the colours that matched!

These skateboards from Kmart were only $12 each!! Brackets were like $1.50 from a hardware store. Perfect! We got 2 and hung them on the wall staggered. So happy with them. :)

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