Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vileda Mop

Ok so my old mop, he had it, he was worn and over used. I went to get a new head for it only to find it was cheaper for me to get a Vileda Microfibre Mop. I have found this mop FANTASTIC! I get the floors mopped in half the time, literally, and it has a nifty little feature on it, want to know what it is?....

It has a little red pad on it which you can use to scrub off harder to move dirt, such as Weet-bix, which we all know dries like glue. You dont even need to bend down to access the pad, you just turn the mop and its there! 
The only problem with this mop is you need the bucket they make for it, or a similar one as it is not a self wringing mop. I would reccomend trying this mop as it is the right price, and it has excellent features. Happy mopping! :)

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  1. I love the Vileda Utra Max Mop Kit with bucket. However, you can't buy it in the US except on Ebay and they charge exhorbitant shipping costs.