Thursday, February 16, 2012


Just a quick storage idea that still looks nice....
I got a cheap 'hat hook' thingy from a hardware store, it sadly didn't fit where I wanted it to, so I hung it up in the lundry, and I hand my broom, squeegee and other bits 'n' bobs on it.


I'm not sure why I have my sons belts on it, I think it was because he was using them as whips lol. So I have a swiffer broom, normal broom, squeegee thingy, and my ironing board, which I must admit, does not get much use! The rectangle plastic square is an attachment that goes on my steam mop for carpet cleaning, must admit I don't use that often either. Anyway, things are up and out of the way here and easy to get and put back. :)

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