Monday, February 27, 2012


Well I don't know about you, but I have struggled with having a clean bathroom. One thing especially. No, it's not the toilet, as gross as that is, its fairly easy to keep that clean. 

It is the bath! More often then not, Mr 5yo and Mr 3 1/2yo have a bath together, they play and be boys. Which is all well and good until they start throwing the toys EVERYWHERE! Not only is the water on the floor from said toy throwing annoying, they leave horrible scruff marks on the inside of the bath. It was starting to look like a rainbow bath with all the different coloured scuff marks in there. 


Anyway, I was doing my groceries the other week and saw something I hadn't seen for AAAGGGEESS! I got some as it was cheap ($2.50!) and took it home to give it a whirl. It was like a week later before I tried it, and now I wish I had tried it right away as it is MAGIC! All the scuff marks came off without me even trying! I had tried everything on these marks before only to tire myself and get frustrated with it not budging. 

This is an old product and most people have probably tried it for themselves, but this is very exciting to me so I am going to brag about it anyway. The product is called Jex! 

They are very cool scourers with some sort of soap in the middle. Its not the most pleasant smelling soap but good enough for me!

This is my bath and shower after being cleaned with this stuff! Aren't they shinny! :)


  1. They are fabulous arn't they! Be careful though as they will leave fine scratches on the bath enamel and the shower glass that over time will stain and are impossible to remove unless you use a cut & polish for cars.Have you seen a product called Gumption? It comes in a white tub with a yellow lid the stuff is BRILLIANT just use it with a dish sponge, it does marks on wall's, kids furniture, the kitchen sink will sparkle and it is great for bathrooms, it smells nice too!

  2. Thanks for your comment - I love getting them! I have heard of Gumption, but am yet to find it! Lots of people talk about it and I am desperate to get some haha. I wasn't aware about the scratches, so thank you for letting me know. Hope your enjoying my blog. :)