Saturday, February 18, 2012

Great for uniforms

My kids are starting to do a lot of after school activities. Holly does dancing Jack and Holly do Little Athletics. Jack is also wanting to do Karate, so he will be stating that soon, then there is school. 

I don't know about you but I think I have a smidgen of OCD. I like to have the kids clothes (and my own) in and order. Pants in bottom draw, shorts/skirts in the middle, and then we have school uniform in the top draw. Except for dresses which get hung up. Then in the hanging area of the wardrobe they have an order of (left to right) Singlets, short sleeve tops, t-shirts, long sleeve tops, jumpers, jackets, dresses, Pajamas. I know, im a little odd aren't I. 

Anyway, there is then the issue of Little Ath's, dancing and soon to be Karate uniforms. Some get hung up but some go in draws, if I did it the same way I did the rest of the clothes, the uniforms would be spread out all over the room! 

That's why I love these hanging shoe holder things.
In the top left we have bathers, top right we have football shorts/singlet, next left we have scarfs, right we have a re-usable bag with Hot Wheels on it that he loves. Next left is Little Ath's gear, right is belts, and down the bottom is some library bags.

Both my older kids have one of these in their wardrobe for these little knick knacks. They are easily accessible for the kids to get to, and bonus, the kids can put things away easily enough.

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  1. I think ALDI are selling these next week. A great idea. At the moment I have the boys sports uniforms in those $2 shopping bags (coles) hanging off a bed knob.