Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthday weekend

Well I have had a super dooper beautiful weekend with my family! Despite the fact from Friday 5.30pm until saturday 8pm, we did not have any electricity, which in my house also means, no water, as we have water tanks which operate by pump, using electricty! Veeeeeeery frustrating time, but also super fun, as we played different games and played outside alot.
On Tuesday (yes valentines day) it is my birthday! So since my mother-in-law was up from Melbourne, she said she would look after the kids while Chris and I went out for dinner. We had Mexican and it was DELICIOUS!! We walked around for a little while after then headed home and went to bed. Then this afternoon, the MIL took us out for lunch at the local pub. It was lovely too, and we have all come home to have a little rest as we are so very full! I got some lovely gifts from the mums and have had a very fulfilling weekend. Can't wait until school tomorrow though. I like the time I have with my two little boys at home together. I hope everyone else had a great weekend too! :D

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