Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dancing Queen

Tonight was my daughters first dancing lesson for the year. She started dancing last year and LOVED it! The dancing studio is non competitive, just for fun, and do 2 concert per year which is included in the cost which is really awesome.


Anyway, I noticed her playing with her school friend who is in the same class, while the teacher was talking and her friend kept talking to her and playing. Now im not saying my little girl is perfect (although in my eyes she is!) but she is very good at sitting and listening to authority. Unlike my boys. Her little friend was distracting her so much, she wasn't able to repeat the routine like she normally would.
To cut a long story short, this year I have decided to start pushing my daughter just a little bit more to better herself in a few more areas. Tonight I gave her a bit more encouragement and asked her to tell her friend to play with her after dance class, and she excelled in just one class.
It really does pay to push just a little bit, rather then letting them go their own pace.

On another note, by middle 2 boys, 5 & 3 1/2 were just rotten today. I gave up! I let them run wild, let them play with anything and everything, and I just sat and covered my ears for 5 minutes. I dont know what to do with them anymore. I am hoping it was just because my 5yo had the day off school for a rest day as he is a prepy this year. Fingers crossed tomorrow goes smoother!

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  1. Boys will be boys. I have a Prep this year too. Fortunately the school he attends does not have half days and from day one he went for a full day (it was day 3 today).

    As for your boys, send them outside or if a dvd works sit them in front of it. And if all else fails, do you what you did and cover your ears, but be sure to have a glass of wine at the same time too.