Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mini Pizzas

Tonight we had home made pizzas for dinner. They were yummy! But we had a left over pizza base that I knew if I put in the freezer, it wouldn't get used and go to waste, so instead I made some Mini Pizzas for the kids/hubby's lunch tomorrow.   

I just used a glass upside down to cut out some smaller circles.

Next I spread on some tomato paste.

Then some shredded ham (yum).

Added some roast chicken bits.

No Pizza is complete without cheese on top!

Cooked and cooling down - don't they look yummy!

Wrapped up ready to go in the fridge until I am ready to pack them in lunchboxes in the morning. 
Some of these pizzas also have mushrooms in them too, some don't as 5yo doesn't like them. We usually have other things on them too obviously, but these are nice and simple for the kiddies lunches :)

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  1. I did this a little while back but used a cheap packet of English Muffins. Was great to whip out at lunch time for the littlies