Monday, February 20, 2012

Chicken & Vegetable Lasagne

 Prep: 15 min             Cooking time: 35min           Serves 6-8
This is one our favourite meals! My mum used to make it for me when I was a kid. Its nothing special, but its yummy and has vegies.

So you will need:  
- Approx 500g cubed chicken breast/thigh, whatever you have in the freezer.
- Lasagne sheets (I prefer fresh)
- Minced garlic
- 1kg frozen chunky vegetables 
- 2 cans of cream of chicken soup
- Grated cheese

 First of all, cook your cubed chicken in a small amount of oil.

 Stir in the vegies, frozen. Mix until combined.

Add one can of soup and stir to combine

After adding soup, and having a mix

In a large oven proof dish (around 6 -8 cups) add a ladel full of mixture on the bottom. This ensures the bottom layer of pasta goes soft when cooked.

Add a layer of lasagne sheets

Continue to layer until your dish is full.
 Add the other can of soup on top. Spread out like you would sauce. The soup will melt and run through the pasta sheets.

 No lasagne is complete without a top layer of cheese.
 Fresh out of the oven, golden brown cheese. As you have already cooked the chicken, this only need be in the over for around 35 minutes.

The finished product! Yum! I dont serve this with any side dishes as it already has meat, vegies and your daily carb serving. All in one, and only one dish to wash. Enjoy

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