Thursday, February 16, 2012

No more smells!

I dont know how many of you have the fear of a guest coming over, the house is clean, but since you have kids you just dont know if it smells or not because your used to the smell and dont smell it anymore?
I know I get paranoid as we have a bubba in the house, who as we all do, poops! When you change the nappy the smell lingers but you get used to it and you dont know if its still there or not. Well I found a way to get rid of that fear, and its more then likely in your house right now....
Bi-Carb Soda! Magic little product isnt it! I have a little container full of bicarb which I leave in my laundry, and if any kids have 'little accidents' and the smell is in the laundry, then I just open up the container and the bi-carb absorbs the smell! 
I also would if I put some in an icing sugar/chocolate powder shaker, its easy to sprinkle onto the carpets before vacuuming. The house has this clean 'just be vacuumed' smell.
Icing sugar shaker
 Many of you have probably heard of Bi-carb being so versitile, but thought I would share anyway.  :)

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