Friday, February 17, 2012

Let sleeping babies lie.

Well, today I had plans on going to Aldi, IGA, big W, Best and Less and Vocroads. I reeeeeally needed to go to Aldi to get some groceries, but left it till last so the groceries wouldn't go yuck and I could just go straight home. Well I got everything done, and on my way to Aldi, my 16 month old decided he was too tired to go on and fell asleep in the car. He has a small cold at the moment so I couldn't bring myself to wake him to be in a trolley in a supermarket for over an hour, so we went straight home. Only problem is now he will be alseep until its close to school pick up time, and I am NOT going grocery shopping with all 4 of the kids. (I have done that before and vowed to never do that again). Also tonight my 2 school kids have a start of the year performance tonight at 5 so I wont have time to do them tonight anyway. The school is putting on a sausage sizzle, so thats dinner sorted at least. At least tomorrow hubby will be home so I can do the groceries by myself, which is lovely! Might even spoil myself to a nice hot chocolate while im doing it . :)  

Last night I organised my meal plan and grocery list using the Aldi online shopping list tool. It worked really well, the only thing I dont particularly like is the fact it is A4, I usually write my list small so it fits on half a page and I dont look like im carrying a list a mile long, even though I usually am! I love The Organised Housewife for her printables of menu plans and shopping checklists. If you have time pop over and check it out, really worth it! :)

Click here for The Organised Housewife and enjoy.


  1. Hey, my shopping list in all on the one...A4.

  2. Excellent, I'll have to pop over for a peek! :)