Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My first post.

Well here I go, my very first post. I suppose I can tell you about my day. I got up at 6am as I do every morning and have the first hour of the day totally to myself! I shower and do my hair and make up, have breakfast etc. It feels really nice when I have this special time all to myself. 7am the kids wake up (or get woken up by me or we will be late for school). They follow the routine and we are out the door by 8.30 am. Its a 10minute drive from our place to school.
My son has only just started Prep this year, so he had a 'rest' day today, which I think is for the benefit of the teachers, rather then the students to be honest. So I had to drag him around, along with my other 2 little boys to run errands and pay bills this morning.
I will be picking up my daughter this afternoon after school, then taking her to her dancing class, by time we get out of there its 5.30, so I think a quick dinner might be in order tonight (or perhaps a sneaky little take-away night).
This is a great little venting spot, and I hope to get some followers soon. :)



  1. Hi and welcome to the blogging world! I just jumped on board after seeing your link on Easy organising For Large families' FB page. Enjoy!
    Crissy :)

  2. I joined too, welcome to the world of blogging. If you need any help with blog designs and creating headers and buttons, I am your gal!

    Check out here: